Meet The Modern-Day Robin Good

This guy is a "passionate new media expert". He uses a character name Robin Good for his website http://www.masternewmedia.org/rss/top55/ which is really a treasure trove of techno-savvy info. If you're looking for up-to-date, cutting-edge, uniquely cost-effective new media resources, this is it.

Luigi Canali De Rossi, the Robin Good guy. He probably has one of the best lists of blog directories and RSS submission sites on the Web.

According to Luigi, his mission is one of helping and empowering individuals to communicate, publish and learn more effectively with information and communication technologies.

He sends out a monthly newsletter dubbed the Mastermind Explorer which is directed to individuals, entrepreneurs, communication managers, and educators in development, research and training institutions worldwide.

Luigi describes his newsletter as "unique" in the sense that it tries to provide resources, tools and technologies that allow people to realise possible solutions which the mainstream normally says not to be possible.

Looking For Heavy Traffic?

Think this article will be of help to those who want to see greater flow of traffic to their blogs. As you all know generating traffic to a new blog or website can be a real pain if you're in the dark.

How To Build Traffic To Your Blog

By Priya Shah

With the growing interest in blogging as a means of online promotion and branding, a lot of marketers are starting blogs to promote their opinions, products, books and services. But a blog is like a website. "Write and they will come" isn't exactly a magic formula to bring in traffic by the boatload.

If you need to promote your website in order to build traffic to it, you need to promote your blog as well.

Here are some ways you can become a well-read and influential blogger.

1. Write Posts That People Will Want To Read
This should be common sense, but many marketers tend to forget that their readers are real people and that you need to use the principles of online copywriting to make your headlines and copy interesting to your readers. If you write posts that people enjoy reading, they will reward you by returning to your blog regularly.

Make your posts conversational, pithy and topical. Keep them short and stick to one topic per post.
Write often and regularly so that both readers and search engines visit your blog more often.

2. Optimize Your Posts for Search Engines
I cover this topic in detail in my article on "Search Engine Optimization For Blogs"

But here are the most important rules to follow to get your posts listed for keywords of your choice.

* Make sure your blog URL contains the primary keyword you want to optimize for
* Use your primary keywords in the title of your post
* Use your secondary keywords in the body of your post
* Use your keywords in the anchor text of links in the body of your posts

3. Submit Your Blog and RSS Feed To Directories
If you publish a blog you should submit your blog and RSS feed to big directories like Yahoo and Dmoz, as well as the numerous blog directories and search engines.

Here is the best list I've found of places to submit your feed or blog, compiled by Luigi Canali De Rossi, who writes under the pseudonym Robin Good.

Best Blog Directory And RSS Submission Sites
Another list of sites to submit your Blog.

4. Ping The Blog Services
There are a number of services designed specifically for tracking and connecting blogs. By sending a small ping to each service you let them know you've updated your blog so they can come check you out.

Bookmark the Ping-O-Matic ping results page so you can visit it and quickly ping a number of services with a single click.

5. Build Links To Your Blog
I recommend the methods here as the best ways to get links pointing to your blog

* Link to your blog from each page on your main website
* Trackback to other blogs in your posts
* Post legitimate comments on other blogs with related topics
* Offer to exchange links with other similarly themed blogs and websites

6. Edit Your Blog Posts Into Articles
One of the best methods for promoting your website is to write articles and submit them to article directories.

The suggestion for extending this to edit your blog posts into articles and submit them to directories came from the coach at "Explode Blog Traffic" who also has other noteworthy suggestions at his blog here.

You'll find an extensive list of article directories here

7. Create Buzz About Your Blog
Creating a buzz about your blog posts and topic in the local and online media will give your marketing a viral component.

* Create a controversy around your blog or it's topic.
* Distribute bumper stickers or other merchandise with your blog's URL and tagline.
* Write a press release about something newsworthy and tie it in with your blog topic.

8. Capture Subscribers By Email
It may seem strange for a blogger to send out updates by email, but email is still the #1 choice of most people who want to receive news and information.

Using a free service like Bloglet to manage your subscriptions is easy and it allows your subscribers to manage all their subscriptions from one interface.

However, if you want more control over your list and don't mind mailing out the updates yourself, you can use an autoresponder system to capture and follow-up with subscribers.

RSS responder is a new script that allows you to keep in touch and follow-up with your subscribers without the hassle of email.

These tips should give you a good start to building your blog traffic.

About the Author: Priya Shah is a partner in the search engine marketing firm, SEO & More
http://www.seoandmore.com Request the whitepaper Boost Your Search Engine Visibility With Blogs And RSS http://www.seoandmore.com/blogs-rss/


This Is Writely For You

Now you can write from anywhere so long there's a PC at your disposal.

You can write along with someone whom you pick as your collaborator. Even
right now as I write you (a collaborator) can chip in if you spot a spelling mistake and edit it.

You can write a blog posting anywhere - in a cybercafe, while enjoying your cappucino at Starbucks, or in your hotel room using your laptop. When you're
done, just zap your posting to your blogsite.

But that's not all that this writing tool can do for you. There's more:

  • Upload Word documents, OpenOffice, RTF, HTML or plain text

  • Spell checker, simple wysiwyg editing and formatting

  • Invite others to share documents by using e-mail address

  • Publish to the world or just share your document with only your friends (or collaborators)

  • Download documents to your desktop

Simply amazing, isn't it?

So what writing tool is this? Well, rightly it goes by the name of Writely but it's still in beta version. Does it cost a bomb? No sirree, it's F*ree. Go ahead and sign up now.

Writely just opened its door for new sign-ups and I think there's a big rush to join. By the way, the Writely folks are moving to Google. They have been acquired by Google. It would be a good idea to sign up for a Google Gmail account.

There's not much publicity right now about Writely, not on the part of Google, but it won't be a "secret" much longer.

Write on!

P.S. This posting was first written in Writely and posted to


Could This Be The Blogger's Bomb?

Just came across this little tip-off as yours truly scour cyberspace. It seems one of the "majors" has unveiled a killer new and innovative little program for bloggers.

It appears to be a real cool little number that can allow you to write blog posts in your browser and publish them straight to a blog-hosting service. Cool, man!

Alas, it's a Beta version and it's free.

Does it work without a hitch? You can find out here...>>

Dixie Gal With Cutting Edge

Dixie Kitchen
Mercy Now

Recommended listening

Mary Gauthier (pronouced "go-shay") first cut her country album at the age of 45, Her songs are rife with tales of alcoholism, physical abuse and emotional breakdowns.

Louisiana native Mary had her widely-praised fourth album
Mercy Now voted in the Top 10 of 2005 by listeners of WFUY in New York City

She formerly owned the Dixie Kitchen restaurant in Boston and didn't even get started writing songs until she was in her 30s. She started performing in the folk clubs of Boston where she first won an audience with her Southern Gothic songcraft.

She had cut an album aptly called Dixie Kitchen which is one of my favourites. In an LA Times review, her Mercy Now album was described as having "enough craft, conviction and honesty...to remind you of Kris Kristofferson and John Prine in their prime."

> More about Mary Gauthier


Chill Out with Slaid Cleaves

Broke Down (2000)
Unsung (2006)

Recommended listening

Slaid Cleaves has just released his new recording Unsung which is a collection of songs by admired friends and colleagues according to his website info.

Cleaves, who hails from Maine but now lives in Texas, sings about people and the stuff of everyday life in a voice that has been described as "packed with Texas trail dust."

Listening to Cleaves' songs is like listening to a storyteller. And the songs, more often than not, are reflections of characters trying to get on with their lives and moving on. And that reminds me of Bruce Springteen's dark album "Nebraska."

His early hit album Broke Down, a favourite of mine, is a good example of his reflective renditions.

Broke Down released in 2000 and his 1997 debut album No Angel Knows had met with effusive critical praise. Broke Down was a well-crafted collection of songs that help boost his popularity.

"Cleaves tells gorgeously compact stories in a voice packed with Texas trail dust." -- Entertainment Weekly

". . . one of the finest singer-songwriters in Texas." -- Neil Strauss, The New York Times

> Visit Slaid Cleaves' website


Google Bots and What They Do

Have you read that Google currently indexes over 8 billion web pages? However, before these pages were placed in the index, they were each crawled by a special spider known as the GoogleBot.

Unfortunately, many web masters do not know about the internal workings of this virtual robot. In fact, Google actually uses a number of spiders to crawl the Web. You can catch these spiders by examining your log files.

This article by Kim Roach attempts to reveal some of the most important Google spiders, their function, and how they affect you as a web master.

>> Read Kim Roach's article

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