How I Got Dumb And Dumber Until I Was Almost Schmoed!

A Snippet For MyBlogLog Members Only:

The tagging game at MyBlogLog seems to make some people see a little bit of red. So do I when I joined in. I was seeing tiny red minus icons each time I clicked to tag. But when I looked at the other sites they all seem to have tiny green plus icons.

That made me look dumb. I read the tag explanation and some comments here and there but still I was seeing tiny red minus icons. That made me look dumber. How I was green with envy at those with the green plus icons.

I was flabbergasted and wondering whether I have fallen foul of the MBL law. I was about to resign myself as a "schmoe" and accept my punishment when I accidentally pointed at and clicked on a minus icon. . .voila, I finally got the answer! I was pointing at and clicking on the text all the time. That's why nothing happened when I wanted to delete a tag.

Everybody goes yada, yada about these tags but, as far as I can remember, no one mentioned anything about clicking on the tiny red and green icons. Lesson learned.


CRM Software Review: Integrated System For Biz Websites

An innovative customer relationship management software system has been introduced by AIMpromote.com. It's being touted as an efficient and reliable CRM software that addresses the needs of Internet companies looking for an integrated system for their websites.

Internet companies need to have in place a software integrated system that will enable them to boost sales and improve on business intelligence. This is where the newly improved CRM software from AIMpromote.com will make all the difference.

Any savvy company will fully grasp the importance of a fully integrated system that can take care of campaign tracking, sales force automation and lead management. Better still when it's also flexible enough to be used independently.

AIMpromote.com have the experience in providing integration systems that address Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to a number of clients. This new version will be an ideal integrated system that can bring about better and positive customer relationship and generate sales because the system keeps you in the know about all aspects of your business.

The primary aim of this user-friendly system is to focus more on making sales in Internet marketing. A user can easily monitor the ROI (Return Of Investment) of each campaign and know where his best leads are coming from. You'll get a full-featured 14-day free trial when you sign up. An online video demo can also be viewed at their site.


QuickShot: Your Guide To Interesting Posts

You Wanna Make A Breakthrough In Blogging?

Remember the headline in the famous Avis car rental ad?

"We're Number Two, but We Try Harder."

That was the position taken by America's second-ranking car rental company to create a consistent top-of-mind awareness with their prospective clients.

As a potent marketing tool, "Positioning" is considered a powerful marketing concept that will carry the message across to prospects in the battle for the mind and market share.

The same concept could be applied to blogging if you want to make something out of it.

The fact that some of the bloggers are now at the top of their niche can be attributed to how they positioned themselves and by dint of hard work had reached the upper echelons.

Wanna Be An Online Entrepreneur?

Okay, there's no stopping you from having a fling as an online entrepreneur. With blog setup as easy as eating apple pie, believe me, anyone can give it a shot. Make it or lose it, that's up to you.

There's nothing like rolling up your sleeves and digging into it...but please be aware to have a plan that involves some marketing strategies, positioning and a sense of tech savvy to make it work.

Blogging, as you'll soon discover, is not a static past-time. You can slack but it won't do your blog justice if you wanna take the northbound train to RanksVille. You gotta move it!

They all say knowledge is power. But without action, knowledge is stagnant.

QuickShot Can Be Your Guiding Light

From now on watch out for "QuickShots," an intermittent posting from this blog that will tip you off on interesting, informative articles coming from other blogs. I believe this will help bring to the attention of some bloggers useful information that they may have missed.

For a start, here are four tip-offs:

* Over at Problogger, Darren Rowse has got some
new revelations about his earnings from Amazon.com. He has noticed "an upswing" in earnings in recent months. If you're an Amazon Associate, I'm sure you would be keen to know what's the secret behind it all. Who wouldn't want to be in the same boat as Problogger?

* Malaysian blogger Daryl Lau has been working overtime over at How To Earn Money Blogging. He's making headway with his brainchild, the "
Bidding Directory." And he plans to start running a contest that "will benefit everyone." You wanna know more? Hop over there!

* Joshua Dorkin over at
Time For Blogging just got his middle finger slammed by a door and got lay off typing for a while. But just before that little mishap, he did a post about why you should keep your blog pages up to date 'cos it's good karma for your blog.

* The Article Writer is asking "
What Are Your Writing Specialties?" As a freelance writer, Matt gets offers to write articles on various subjects.

According to him, his writing strengths include the following: aviation, personal finance, automotive, human interest, and generalized topics among others.

But when he was asked to write about wedding dresses, he was just stumped. So his latest post is asking for other freelancers who might be interested to take on writing projects which he can't do himself.


New 'Fan' Feature from Technorati

Since Technorati started to make some changes to their interface, like adding new features and doing away with others, I'm sure many would give the thumbs up for these "smart moves."

We don't want to discuss what the naysayers are saying. On my part, I'd like to look at one particular aspect of this new changes which I think is quite cool.

It's not the "Authority" ranking which is just an indication of who has got the greatest number of blogs linking to the person's site.

But the very fact that if many people are faving your blog, do you have the time to dig deep to see who are your admirers or rather who are those blogs that have connected to you in Technorati?

Unless you're a full-time blogger or someone who enjoys digging...for details and so forth, you may miss out some of the people who have linked to you in the Technorati list.

Technorati's new "Fan" feature is a lot of help. Now you are able to see, sorta at a glance, who are your "fans." If this is not a great feature, then I don't know what is.

Yes, you get to see their avatars and their blogs' URLs. Some avatars I recognize because we have "connected" but what a surprise to see others you never thought of before until you see them now faving you.

It stirs up a good feeling but, at the same time, I felt bad that I should have acknowledged their gestures by reciprocating. But then I didn't know until I'm shown up by Technorati's "Fan" feature.

This post is to bring to notice what I had missed out. Okay, I have to put my nose to the grindstone and start to acknowledge all those that I have not connected yet.


Lowest Unique Bid Could Win You A BMW!

Time to chill out again: Just head over to the bid4prizes site and tickle yourself pink with this unique auction game where you try to offer the lowest bid for any prize. Maybe you could win a Plasma TV. Maybe an Apple iPhone. Maybe something else that's really, really cool...how about a BMW 3 series? Now you're talking!

It's cool fun and it's free for you to take part. You can pop over to the site where a video will show you how to play.

On the site, all you need to do is click on your favorite prize, key in your cell phone number and your bid in cents. There's a time limit to the bidding. Once the last click bid is done, you'll receive a text message informing you whether or not you have the lowest unique bid. You can also bid from your cell phone by sending a text message and get a reply whether you've been successful or not.

What's the amount like for the lowest unique bid?

The winning bid could be anything. A penny, or $1.05, even $500.22! Whatever is the lowest UNIQUE bid wins the prize! Remember that BMW?

Now you would like to know how much you have to cough up if you're the winning bidder. Whoa, here's the pleasant surprise. If you win, the prize is absolutely Free! They even pay for your shipping. But please check whether taxes may apply or not.

Did I play the game? Well, sad to say, I couldn't play the game because I'm not living in the U.S of A. Or Canada for that matter. But if you're a legal resident in either country then you're eligible to take part.

I would be eyeing the Apple iPhone if I'm eligible to play the game. That's a beautiful prize to grab. But hmm...that BMW's image keeps popping up in my head again!


New Feature Added To Technorati's Interface

Checked out Technorati this Saturday morning and what did I find? A surprise package.

The Technorati guys have added a new feature to the site's interface. This time you'll see something that's labelled "Authority" next to your usual ranking score as you can see on the screenshot.

My normal ranking score stands at 96,332 and the new Authority score shows 47. It doesn't show the number of incoming links anymore.

So what does that mean?

So far I couldn't find any explanation regarding this new feature. By looking at the various scores attained by some of my incoming links, I can deduce that the higher your Authority score then it's obvious the higher IS your "Authority" as a blog.

I believe we'll get to know more in the coming days about this new development at Technorati. Meanwhile, keep your fingers crossed that you'll get a higher number this time against the Authority score.

And over at Performancing, Ryan Caldwell is talking about how to diversify your links in 5 different ways.

It's obvious from the latest Page Rank update that Google is strongly buffering the effect of certain kinds of links. What kind of links? That's a complex question, but I think I can answer it with two words: undiversified links."

He's saying that the key to linkbuilding now is diversification. Here are his 5 pointers:

  • Stop pointing incoming links to your homepage
  • Diversify the location of your links
  • Diversify your anchor text
  • Get article level links from strong sites
  • Comment at other blogs

To comprehend these 5 pointers, go over to Caldwell's post at Performancing and read about them.

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