The Buzz that Rocked the Senses

Scott Boulch's controversial affliliate promotion about his Adsense revelation ended Tuesday, Sept 26.

After two weeks of Net buzz, Boulch has claimed that over 31,000 people had signed up.

"Although we originally were going to end the affiliate promotion at 25,000 opt ins, we have made the decision to allow a few more people get the word," he announced.

We'll see what comes next from Scott Boulch.


'Click Flipping' A New Buzzword?

I can't quite make out how this thing will end up but this guy Scott Boulch has certainly stirred up a hornet's nest with his Adsense revelation. His initial report was quickly picked up by over 29,000 netusers within a few days and his follow-up report must be even hotter. It seems we're gonna hear a new buzzword in the coming days. Boulch calls it "Click Flipping". So there you are. Hope it makes some sense.


New Keyword Research Guide

WordTracker has just published an exciting new keyword research tool to help people get the most intheir keyword search. Simply called Keyword Research Guide, this new tool will replace the multiple searches.

According to WordTracker, it's only the beginning and they'll be building on this over the coming months. Keyword Research Guide has additional features such as

  • Greater flexibility and options when searching for keywords
  • Keyword results increases to one thousand
  • Improved adult filter
  • Select and remove keywords by substring
  • Improved keyword export

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