Why This PR Is Doing A Shadow Dance?

Holy mackerel! This derision lately about that little green thing on Google Toolbar moving up and down or rather like "now you see it, now you don't" kind of shadow dance seems to cause some jitters among webmasters.

Can't imagine how dull life would be like without this PageRank (PR) playing tricks on our eyes.

If Google PR updates can be compared to the stock market barometer, how many webmasters would commit harakiri when they see their PR9 or PR6 plunge out of sight? That would be tantamount to a stock market crash.

But then despair can turn to jubilation when someone noticed that her PR had suddenly changed from zero to hero. Well, I mean maybe she's getting a PR3 or whatever. In fact, I came across one blog where this person "couldn't believe my eyes" and had to do a couple of screen refresh. And the next thing was for her to dance for joy!

At various forums, the PR fluctuations (or is it Google's heart palpitation?) were hotly discussed. Many were sort of on tenterhooks.

So, how important is PR? Those who swear by their PRs will regard this "little green thermometer" as important because a high-ranking PR says a lot about your in-bound links and that your site is generally in the pink of health.

And what about this site? Maybe I have to wait until I'm 199 years old before I get to see some green thingy!

To be serious, PR is an indicator of your site's standing according to Google. In simple term, it's to tell you that your site has arrived, or you're still knocking on the door.

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SEO Copywriting: Good Or Bad?

Top copywriter Bob Bly is noted as a vocal opponent of SEO copywriting. Well-known for his book "The Copywriter's Handbook," he has expressed his concern about preserving the power of words. He's not in favour of writing to pander to the search engine. An article by him titled "Why I Don't Believe In SEO Copywriting" reveals Bly's line of thinking that by writing for search engines, you only weaken the copy's power to sell to the customer.

WebProNews did an interview with SEO professional Heather Lloyd-Martin to find out the contention over this issue. Heather's line of defense is that "SEO copywriting is still copywriting" and the concepts of copywriting, more or less, has remained the same.

After watching the video interview, you may have your own conclusion to this contentious issue of SEO copywriting.


It's A Boring Blog That Don't Market Blinds

Would you mind a company advertising on your blog? Even if they are blinds makers? Some of you would cringe by the very thought of it. Me? Well, if I can make a few pennies out of it, why not?

I don't have that kind of ad yet. But I'm writing about an Internet retailer associated with quality custom blinds. If orders are placed through them,
GUARANTEEDblinds.com will refer you to your local technician to do the measuring and installation and this service is free.

Whoa! Did I hear somebody scream at me "You're selling out, ?//!$#@?*#...#$/&\#$!!" . Sell what out? I don't want to write about the number of eggs I had for breakfast this morning and why my cat hates the neighbour's dog.

Well, if you'd read my earlier posts, you should know where I stand. I'm just making sense of things after giving this some thoughts. After all, this is a marketing blog and I can honestly say I'm not like any "drug dealer," a tag that cuts loose easily from the mouth of some big-time bloggers.

Some tips (this blog is all about giving tips to online entrepreneurs, no?): Before switching from curtains to blinds or changing from old to new for your windows you should follow these tips. Decide on the mounting, inside or outside the window frame. Then get the measurements. The ideal measuring tape should be wooden or steel. A fabric tape can give you inaccurate measurements.

If you cannot trust yourself with the measurements, you'll need a technician to measure and install the blinds. That's where
GUARANTEEDblinds.com come to the rescue. They have this NBI's Locator Service which lets you contact your local pre-screened technician. The technician only charges for measuring and installation work.

Whatever your style, this
Internet custom blinds retailer has got them covered. Me? I like the rustic look of timber blinds instead of curtains for my SoHo.


Now You CAN'T Google with Other Ads, Now You CAN!

If you're reading this, it may appear a bit confusing. But that's how it is when you're dealing with Google.

Only last week, Jennifer Slegg of JenSense.com posted the revelation that web publishers have to adhere to Google's updated policies...

As I had mentioned in my previous post, the key issue concerning the placements of ads became a sore point among a lot of publishers as noted in their comments in various blogs.

That was bad news.

Now Jennifer has come back to us, posting on her blog, that this time "It's official! You can now run AdSense on the same page as other contextual ad programs."

In other words, third-party contextual ads may now be displayed on the same site or page as Google ads but with one condition..."as long as they don't have the same look and feel as our ads."

She had a nice chat with Brian Axe, senior product manager on the Google AdSense Team on the issue. And thus, this new revelation.

I'm not sure what to call this new revelation. Is it an about-turn, a turnaround or a flip-flop? But never mind.

That is good news.

But there are still certain kinks to be ironed out. Like Yahoo Publisher Network (YPN)...they stated in their TOC that other contextual ads (that means Google AdSense) are not permitted on the same page as YPN ads. Hopefully, this will be history, too.

Now you have to sit down and figure out how to differentiate all these competitive ads in design, colour, font, positioning and format in order to comply with the new program policies.

Guess it boils down to using good judgement and plain old common sense.

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Adsense Is Googling Again

Things are getting a bit dicey again where the Adsense program is concerned. The Google Adsense policies have been "revamped" in easier to understand lingo. But still some of the nuances in the policies are facing contention among Adsense users.

One key issue that's nagging website publishers is the placement of Adsense contextualized ads. Google are saying that similar contextualized ads from other advertisers should not be entertained on the same website if publishers are using the Adsense program.

This may well stick in the craw for publishers who have been using both Adsense and other contextualized ads. Some publishers knowing how sticky Google can be regarding their TOS oblige by using Adsense on web pages minus contextualized ads from other advertisers. But they place these other ads on some other pages without the Adsense ads.

Now, it seems it's a no-go to do that. Already, we're hearing rumblings from some publishers regarding this issue. For more about the Google TOS updates, JenSense.com has got the skinny on them.

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Coming - New Kid On The Block?

Internet marketing consultant and expert Andy Beal has just posted on his blog Marketing Pilgrim that very soon there'll be another player joining the ranks of ReviewMe, PayPerPost, Blogitive, Blogsvertise, LoudLaunch and a host of others.

All these folks have one thing in common - they'll pay bloggers to review websites, products and services.

So, who's this new kid that's coming on the block? According to Andy, the name is SponsoredReviews, and the parent company behind it is 360 Enterprise, Inc.

You can visit Andy's blog for more details and read what he has to say.

My perception is that love it or hate it, there's no stopping the phenomenon growth of blogs. And marketers know where a huge chunk of their ad budgets are heading.

I'm just wondering. Despite all those ethical debates about blogging for money, how come more marketers are eyeing blogs? Are some of these advertisers testing the waters or do they see that blogs are the new frontier for marketing niches? Possibly a really huge one.

If the trend picks up, there'll be a great divide between those who stay "pure and true" to traditional blogging and those who are looking at it from a business point of view.

Heather Armstrong of "Dooced" fame is making an income from her blog to enable her family to live comfortably. Her blog is an enterprise. Is that wrong?

There are over 800 million Internet users on this planet. In a few short years, the blogging fraternity has hit over 50 million and still rising.

In a special focus on "Blogging for Dollars" in the September issue of Business 2.0 last year, the magazine noted that an increasing number of bloggers have gone from "self-indulgent hobbies to flourishing businesses."

According to web ad agency Organic, ad spending on blogs was about $40 million last year - that's a small market. However, it is expected that web advertising will continue to grow and more ad dollars will come to blogs.

With two new blogs being launched every second, according to blog search engine Technorati, it's not difficult to figure out where blogging is heading.

More and more advertisers are targeting blogs, especially those that are making the noise in blogosphere.

Has anyone ever wondered that a blog is just another kind of website? Maybe running on a different kind of juice. Remember the Blues was once dubbed as "devil's music," but today it's great music for many!

Mississippi bluesman Robert Johnson (1911-1938)

Johnson's songs have
been recorded by artists
as diverse as Lee Roy Parnell
and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.


It's Just Like New Brooms Sweep Clean...

Wow! At last I got the greenlight to move house this morning. I mean moving my CommonSense with Markk blog from the old Blogger to the new one. The notice telling me to move assured me everything would be all right....and sure it was, plain sailing. Unlike the last time when I switched my other blog, WiredHoundBlog, over to Blogger Beta. It was quite scary then...like things that went AWOL or something to that effect. Read "Is the grass greener on the other side of Blogger?"

So have you made the switch yet?


Making Sense Of These...

A little self indulgence

I'd thought maybe it's time to do a little makeover for my old logo (right) and make it to look like this (left). Looks like an improvement on the previous one, I think.

As a visual device, it accentuates what this blog is all about, giving it a more defined identity. Don't know how you guys out there think of it. Anyway, it's done and it's gonna stay that way until this blog kicks the bucket!

Re-comment posties:

I would like it be known that comments on any of my posts should not, in anyway, read like a sales pitch or a spam. I moderate this blog and have encountered a few comments lately that smack of this. And I've consigned them to blog heaven.


Strategic Marketing On The Net

The Internet explosion has changed the way business is conducted online. For medium-size organizations and Fortune 100 corporations, the traditional "brick and mortar" mentality has to change to meet the new challenges being offered in cyberspace.

The Net is a mammoth wired "universe" with more than 800 million users online around the world at anytime. That tells you there's a very huge market out there. But it's a minefield if you don't know your way around.

When it comes to online marketing, many of these companies are not what you can regard as "well-heeled" in the ways of the Internet. So who should they turn to for guidance to drive their online marketing campaigns?

One Internet marketing firm that has been in the forefront providing strategic services to clients and helping them achieve revenue, profit, market share and customer loyalty is USWeb.

Originally founded in 1995 when the Internet was just making its presence felt, USWeb have grown to become one of the most experienced, qualified and professional Internet consultants in the world. The firm has offices across the United States.

Online marketing opportunities are plenty. And competition to reach a wider target audience is fierce in today's online market. One major battleground is search engine marketing.

USWeb, with more than a decade of marketing expertise behind them, stand out with their integrated online marketing solutions that focus on brand awareness, audience development, and customer retention.

How About 'Going Natural'?

Recently, I've been asked to check out an SEO video entitled "Going Natural". Oh well, it's got nothing to do with one's birthday suit.

Anyway, this one comes to you free with "solid information."

The presenters of this video are the StomperNet duo Andy Jenkins and Brad Fallen ( their blog:
http://www.stomperblog.com/?whitehatseo )

They are two guys who believe that if you're struggling with SEO, it's not your fault. It's just that you haven't got the right info (yet).

One of the highlights is the explanation of how "related terms" can be used to win the love of Google. It's one of the most practical explanation I've come across.

You can check out this powerful SEO video at

You might also be interested in their free report here

If you're a webmaster or optimizer who needs tons of relevant traffic to your site, this video should be of great benefit.


Disney World, Wish I Were There!

The other day my friend Dale, a blogging and golfing aficionado, was telling me about his plan to have a Spring Break vacation in sunny Florida. Since he'll be taking his family along, he was keen to sign on the Disney World Packages.

That makes sense because Orlando has so much to offer as one of the most popular tourism spots in Florida. The kids and his wife would love it at Disney World which is the biggest attraction in the holiday city they nicknamed "The City Beautiful."

They'll be having a rollicking time. There are 52 theme parks around Orlando and the beaches are just a short drive away. Dale will be looking forward to meeting up with some old pals for a few good rounds of golf. Orlando has some of the top-rated golf courses in the state.

Orlando is a vibrant city that's ever changing and has plenty to offer. It can boast of the second largest convention center in the world. And you won't be short of choices in holiday accomodation.

I envy Dale while I'm still stuck here blogging with my nose to the grindstone! He and his family are going to have a well-deserved vacation. I won't be surprised if I get a postcard from him saying "Wish you were here!"

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