The 'Do No Evil' Empire Strikes Back

The Adland Digest keeps coming to me via email because I subscribe to it as a member of Adlandpro.com. Now and then I'll come across some hard-hitting articles written by special guest writers in their newsletters. They provide a good read and most times are thought-provoking.

These are free articles that can be used so long you acknowledge and credit the authors with a resource box at the end of each article. The Adland Digest has been one of the most effective newsletters on the Web since 1998. They provide useful information about Internet business and other related subjects.

The recent Google PageRank slapfest of big and small blogs had set the blogosphere alight with plenty of rants and some raves. But this article by Dean Philips might will be "a wake-up call" for many of us. It makes for interesting reading. I'll take a break and let Dean gives you the lowdown. Enjoy...

Google Zombies Need To Wake Up

By Dean Philips

Over the last couple of weeks, I've received more e-mails in response to my article, "Google's Trap, DMOZ's Nap, And Yahoo!'s Crap," than any other article I've ever written. And that's saying a lot because, I've written close to forty articles.

Most of the e-mails are very supportive and appreciate of the fact that I'm going after Google and the other large search engines, by telling it like it is.

Now even though I appreciate your e-mails and support, I need to make one thing perfectly clear. For the record, I AM NOT GOING AFTER GOOGLE!

Is Google a greedy, self-serving entity? Yes! Yes, they are. But lots of entities are greedy and self-serving. For that matter, so are a lot of people. The fact of the matter is, I happen to like certain things about Google. I think they're a fine search engine, and they perform a very valuable and much needed service.

No, my articles are not directed at Google per se. My articles are directed at the tens of thousands of Google zombies who blindly follow and applaud Google's every move and whim, like rats following the Pied Piper of Hamelin.

This also includes a good portion of the media, which also seems to be caught up in the bright lights of Google--not unlike a deer frozen by the headlights of an oncoming car.

Zombies, wake up! Google is a search engine--period! Nothing more, nothing less. And I will not exaggerate their existence or importance!

They are not a god or some sort of deity. They are a search engine--that's all.

And even though I've already said it in several different articles, I'm going to say it again. All of that money you're spending on search engine optimization, so that you can play in Google's sandbox is going to be all for naught.

Because other websites that haven't done any search engine optimization whatsoever are already starting to rank ahead of you in Google's results pages.

Yet, you keep spending your money, and beating your brains out trying to figure out Google's algorithms. And just when you think you've got it figured out, Google decides to take its ball and go home. Zombies, wake up! You're playing a game you can't win!

Didn't November 16, 2003 teach you anything? It's never wise to put all of your eggs into one search engine basket. I mean, forget about the "Florida Update." What if by some strange chance, Google goes offline for a day--for a week?

Think it can't happen? Think again. Nobody thought last summers crippling east coast blackout could ever happen either, but it did happen, and it turned out to be the biggest blackout in recent U.S. history.

Nothing and no one is infallible. So, zombies, wake up and do yourself a favor. Do the smart thing, and develop other ways to promote your website.

About The Author: Dean Phillips is an Internet marketing expert, writer, publisher and entrepreneur. Questions? Comments? Dean can be reached at mailto: dean@lets-make-money.net. Visit his website at: http://www.lets-make-money.net

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Have A Cosy Room To Do Your Blogging

While I was browsing a brochure showing some nice ideas to improve the home, the pictures of conservatories started to play on my imagination.

Yes, just imagine having an elegant
conservatory which is basically an extra room and turn it into your study or soho. Not to mention a cosy place for you to spend time blogging and surfing the Net.

When it comes down to home improvements, a conservatory is an added asset because it will enhance your house's value.

If you're living in a terrace house, you can create this extra living space either at the back of your house or at the front just like having an extension to your living room.

Better still if you own a corner lot, then you'll have enough space on the side to add the conservatory. But it all depends on the design of your house and the space available. Sorry, if you're living in an apartment.


Holiday In Paradise - That's Hawaii

The holiday season is drawing near and so is winter time. Some of us will be getting the travelling bug to get away and enjoy the sunshine on some tropical island.

Hawaii always has that special attraction thanks to its beautiful scenery, year-round warm weather -- and it's a melting pot of culture. The islands of Hawaii have always been a favourite among many holidaymakers.

If you're searching for
Maui vacation homes the website HawaiianBeachRentals.com is a good place to start looking. The site specializes in Hawaii Travel Information. You should be able to locate an ideal vacation accomodation whether it's a condo or an hotel. If you're planning a Hawaiian holiday for the first time, here are some info to get you going.

With a bit of Hawaiian experience behind, I would say a good starting point is the island of Oahu, famous for its alluring scenery and, of course, Waikiki Beach. Honolulu, the capital, has enough attractions by itself whether it's shopping or sightseeing.

Over at the beach you can learn to surf, ride the wave on outrigger canoe, or just relax and enjoy the buzz. Oahu is a small island and you can have an enjoyable drive around it in a a day. No problem renting a vehicle.

What better place to have that special holiday than sweet Hawaii. Aloha!


Make Money: The Sound And The Fury

It's like an uplifting sermon when blogging newbies and make-money-online wannabes get to read about some great ideas and schemes to...well, make money online.

You're told by these self-appointed money-making mavens about how cool and easy it is to get in on the action.
You're made to feel that if you don't want to miss out, better be quick and jump on the bandwagon before it leaves the station. If you're not familiar with the current state of the blogging scenario you'll be wondering WTF it's all about.

You get to hear great shoutouts about how to make money online. You'll probably follow through on all the "feel good" writeups by some of the high-profile bloggers around because you're also interested in...well, making money online.

Way to go, man!

If you have been around a bit, you would have come across the hype about the Million Euro Wiki. 

You can say it's being touted as a great money-making idea the like of which you have never seen before.

Here's the lowdown: Invest on a Wiki page at $100 a pop to promote your business, drive traffic, make money, and if you like, sell it at a profit farther down the road. Or you can keep it until old age. Really?

While one group is vehemently pushing the Euro Wiki another group is casting doubts on this online venture and questioning the integrity of the whole idea.

The beef (no pun intended) about this "shenanigan" is that the people pushing this Wiki idea are looked upon as reputable bloggers who know a thing or two about making money blogging, but since the Euro Wiki was launched it became one fierce sales campaign with a lot of noise. This is surprising.

According to some bloggers who don't seem to look on this favourably, the Euro Wiki to them is more like a spin-off from another so-called money-making idea called the "Million Dollar Wiki." The later kicked off with a bang but lately it seems to come under the radar. Many questions are raised.
So is the Million Euro Wiki earmarked for success - for the short term or long term? Until the whole scenario crystallized - with positive or negative results - this is "entertainment" to those who are on the sidelines.

In retrospect, there were other clones trying to follow the footsteps of the original "Million Dollar Homepage," a website conceived by a 21-year-old English student Alex Tew who needed to raise money for his university education. His idea was to sell pixels in an image on the site.

That website -- launched on August 26, 2005 -- was a celebrated success, grossing more than $1 million USD. Of course, that took care of Tew's education and more. The idea peaked and today we believe most of the pixels are gathering dust. There were clones out to make a quick buck but sad to say they quickly bit the dust.

How durable the Wiki idea can last remains to be seen while the sound and fury continue unabated. One thing is for sure. There'll be more to write about in the near future.

Update #1: CashQuests just auctioned off her Euro Wiki page stating her reason for selling out was that she needed money for another upcoming project. That must have been one of the fastest business buy-in and buy-out ventures ever to be conducted online.

After all the energy plugging the virtues of Euro Wiki, this "sell-out" should come as a great surprise to all. According to CashQuests, her Wiki "business" page is still doing well with traffic and good response. But because of her new project, she has to let go. And I wish the new owner all the best in his new venture on the Euro Wiki.

As for me, I need to bring out that bottle of whiskey and drink to that. Hopefully it'll bring back my senses.

Update #2: What a way to go! Now the latest is that the Million Euro Wiki has been sold. John Cow just announced it at his blog. We'll hear more about the goings-0n, no doubt. Now I need another bottle of whiskey or should it be a glass of milk to get back on solid ground? Dizzy stuff in one day!


Discount Coupons Just The Ticket To Buy Gifts

Discount coupon deals are just great when you're looking for good bargains and gift items especially when Yuletide is looming around the corner. October is never too early to start checking out some of the gift items that are pricking your mind.

For me, a bountiful food and wine gift basket will be an excellent choice for someone who knows how to appreciate a glass of Chardonnay or Cabernet. I'll say cheers to the good fellow with an assortment of gourmet goodies.

And who can forget Old Navy? They have some great, affordable and fashionable clothing and accessories. There's a nice Fair Isle knit tote that I saw when I visited the site. That item will go well with the Christmas spirit. Somebody's gonna get that.

And I shouldn't forget my ownself. Those New Balance men's gym shoes are looking good for a sweaty workout especially the Cool Grey pair. Size 8 will be just fine for me.

Oh yes, I have a few more items on my wishlist. Just can't get that Dell notebook offer off my mind. The Dell coupons will surely sweeten the deal. And who can forget the Amazon coupons which will come in handy when checking out the amazing daily deals and specials for the holiday season.

Come to think of it, you name it and
CouponChief.com will have just the right gift item for you. It's a one-stop online resource for almost all your shopping needs.


How NOT To Be A Blogging Snob

Here's my two-penny thought. I'd like to get it off my chest. Sometimes you might wonder what makes bloggers do what they do? You know, like blowing your own horn, paying lip service to big-time bloggers, sucking up to some famous names, professing organic chemistry in blogging (whatever that is), pumping up the numbers, confining themselves into cliques, and yada, yada.

We have a phrase in journalism for someone who seems to think that he or she is way above all the others in terms of skills and ability and so on. Such a person is dubbed as God's gift to journalism. So can we dub some bloggers as God's gifts to blogging?

These are very interesting observations but I guess without these show-stoppers, the blogosphere would be so much duller.

A few hours back I had received my latest email newsletter from Yaro Starak and he was lamenting the fact that there are also "cowboys" who blog wild with rage and have no compunction in shooting anyone down "with highly charged emotional accusations."

Well, Yaro had been on the receiving end of such negative comments in his blogging career, but he has learned how to deal with these cowboys. If your blog comes under attack he suggests you respond in a cool manner "without anger, with no negative emotion..." This will show your maturity and demonstrate your credibility.

Now, we all know the blogging experience for most of us is to practise "openness" and try to accomodate friends we encounter online and other readers who come a-visiting. Put it this way: We always like to leave the door open.

But wait a minute, have you ever come across this?

BlockquoteIf you would like to exchange links and be listed here, kindly use this contact me form and provide me your blog details."

Gosh, that's not leaving the door open for visitors. Why are some individual bloggers so snotty? They want you to fill up some silly forms plus your blog details before you can get to know them.
Hey, just let me leave a comment and you can drop by my blog and say hello, too. It's that easy and no hassle. Who knows...we can become friends and swap links!

They want links and yet they put up all kinds of barriers. In my opinion, this is a turn-off. By and large, I would think they are usually self-centered, snobbish, and they think other bloggers owe them a living.

Who needs these red-tape bloggers? Perhaps, they can go fly a kite!

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