This Is Writely For You

Now you can write from anywhere so long there's a PC at your disposal.

You can write along with someone whom you pick as your collaborator. Even
right now as I write you (a collaborator) can chip in if you spot a spelling mistake and edit it.

You can write a blog posting anywhere - in a cybercafe, while enjoying your cappucino at Starbucks, or in your hotel room using your laptop. When you're
done, just zap your posting to your blogsite.

But that's not all that this writing tool can do for you. There's more:

  • Upload Word documents, OpenOffice, RTF, HTML or plain text

  • Spell checker, simple wysiwyg editing and formatting

  • Invite others to share documents by using e-mail address

  • Publish to the world or just share your document with only your friends (or collaborators)

  • Download documents to your desktop

Simply amazing, isn't it?

So what writing tool is this? Well, rightly it goes by the name of Writely but it's still in beta version. Does it cost a bomb? No sirree, it's F*ree. Go ahead and sign up now.

Writely just opened its door for new sign-ups and I think there's a big rush to join. By the way, the Writely folks are moving to Google. They have been acquired by Google. It would be a good idea to sign up for a Google Gmail account.

There's not much publicity right now about Writely, not on the part of Google, but it won't be a "secret" much longer.

Write on!

P.S. This posting was first written in Writely and posted to

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