Crystal Balling With Jim Edwards

We'll soon be saying goodbye to 2006 and many of us will be looking forward to the new year. So what awaits around the corner?

Will Yahoo and Microsoft really wake up and compete with Google seriously?

Will we see the "demise of Internet marketing" or will there be a new rebirth? Will the surge of "new offers, new opportunities" continue to dominate the marketing scene in the new year?

Will we see a new direction for MySpace and YouTube? Will more people abandon the Adsense ship as earnings (for many this is nothing to shout about) continues to dwindle? Will Adsense eventually kick the bucket in 2007? Is "Click Flipping" in CPA what it's all cracked up to be? Over to you Scott Boulch!

Come around this time, Jim Edwards (pictured) is a guy who has a habit of making some predictions about the Web. According to him, there's a couple of biggies heading down the pike. Yes sir, Good Ol' Jim has the "scoop."

Jim is a syndicated newspaper columnist and the co-author of an amazing new ebook - The Lazy Man's Guide to Online Business - that will teach you how to work less, get paid more… and have tons more fun! Remember, he "was screaming from rooftops about online video 3 years ago and look where we are now!" Well, he's looking into his crystal ball again and be prepared for some interesting tidings.

Get the rest of Jim's article here = > http://www.IGottaTellYou.com/2007-Predictions.html


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