C'mon Guys, Let's Do It For RT

It's not often we see another person or a blogger going through a difficult patch that may have a profound impact on his life and his family. If we can help by any means and even in our own small ways, I believe it will go a long, long way.

A situation has arisen today where fellow blogger RT Cunningham, a retired former US Marine living with his family in the Philippines, is experiencing this profound moment.

RT, as he is popularly known to his blogging buddies, needs our help so that he could be at his wife's side in the US where she will be undergoing an operation. The two-way flight fare is a problem and RT needs to be in the US for about 30 days between mid-February and mid-March.

For the full details, all you kind folks can visit RT's blog at Untwisted Vortex to read his post A Possible Disappearing Act to understand his predicament. Many of us have urged him to put up a PayPal button on his blog - and eventually he has agreed to do it.

So if you dropped by and see that the PayPal button is up, let us believe that goodwill and kindheartedness will win the day - for RT.

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