Are We Facing A Rumble Over BlogRush?

Some stats are trickling in if you log into your BlogRush account to check what are showing on the Dashboard. Over at Problogger, Darren Rowse had indicated that he had gotten some good and bad things about his initial BR results.

But if you checked the comments coming in response to his post, the early impression is that most of those who are using the BR widgets are expressing some disappointments with their results.

Early indications are not encouraging from the majority of comments although a few have expressed some satisfaction with their results so far. I wouldn't jump the gun right now until we get a clearer picture of this so-called web traffic generator from Income.com.

In my previous post, I did mention that compelling post titles are the key to attract clicks. Up till now, I have seen widgets with post headlines that are mostly a run-of-the-mill affair. How to get people to click on them when they don't have the "Wow" factor?

However, in response to the negative vibes, the BlogRush people have shot off an email to users to explain why many members are reporting low click-through rates on the impressions for their blog post titles. Redwall_hp over at Webmaster-Source had posted some of the excerpts from the BR email.

This is a small-time blog if you want to compare it with the likes of Problogger, Shoemoney, or John Chow, but I guess, at this point in time, I can feel satisfied with the BlogRush results. And not just because of the widget. I think it also comes down to the content you write that helps to keep the interest intact.

Here's a couple of stats from my account dashboard that just came in:

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Jackie said...

Hi Markk, I just joined your neighborhood. Your article about BlogRush caught my eye. I really liked the idea and joined and added the widget. However, as I am a spiritual site that does believe in God.....it seemed like every message posted was from an Athiest Church or somerthing that was degrading to a site that is spiritual....so I had to remove their widget because of this. Other wise I liked the idea quite well.

Jackie said...

Zubli and I are so pleased to announce that your blog has been reviewed and received an award. You may pick it up at http://shinade.blogspot.com Congratulations!!

Bobby Revell said...

I read a very interesting post by someone I believe knows a lot more about how things work tahn ProBlogger. I don't link to blogs like his. He will need to link to me 1st, then I may consider it. He doesn't need links but you and I do.
Read this post:

Tim Nah also authors this amazing treat for tech-heads:

Let me know what you think!

MK said...

> Bobby: Thanks for the heads-on on Tim Nah. You're right, we don't need to link to them big-timers. They got more than they could chew! Will go out and check on Tim.

MK said...

> Bobby: Oops! His name is Tim Nash not Nah. His is a UK blog. Looks like he knows his technical stuff although he's not an "expert." Sounds like a guy who talks sense. Have bookmarked his sites.Cheers!

Vanessa said...

I would love to know how I'm doing but with that dashboard down it's torture!! Cruelty, I say! I'm hoping to see it back up and find that people love me...

MK said...

> Shinade: Thanks for the review and award but I regret to say I can't pick it up because I've laid it down upon myself not to display any kind of awards on my blog.

Unknown said...

> Vanessa: Yeah, looks like it's taking them more than a few days to get the Rush back on. It'd better be good.

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