Chilling Out With Sunny Spain On My Mind

Would you be thinking of a Spanish holiday and forget blogging for a while? Spain has always been among the top tourist destinations in the world with a wealth of attractions. Many of the tourist sights are steeped in history. A friend and his family just returned from their holiday in Spain and they were singing praises of the places they visited, especially in Madrid, the capital, and Barcelona.

In Madrid, they had the pleasure of visiting some famous landmarks like the Plaza Mayor, a 17th-century architectural masterpiece, the bustling Puerta del Sol and some famous art musuems. But they were simply delighted with the second largest city in Spain - Barcelona. Famous for its architecture and style, the Catalan city has a lot more to offer. They were particularly impressed by the famous street called La Rambla where you see street artists performing, brightly coloured flower kiosks and open-air restaurants and more.

Before they embarked on their trip, Dale had checked for hotel accomodation at the Cheaperthanhotels.com site having read about them in one of my earlier posts. He looked up hotels in Madrid and hotels in Barcelona for that's where they were bound and was happy with the attractive rates. It was a holiday well spent.

Come to think of it, Barcelona is a great place to visit and being a soccer fan I have always admired the city's world famous football club, Barcelona FC. I have watched many of their matches on live TV and they have a history of great players. There are two players in the present team I like to watch - French international Thierry Henry and Argentine ace Lionel Messi.

Nothing is more exhilarating than to be on the terrace of Nou Camp Stadium cheering on the Catalan team, adding your voice to the roar when a goal is scored. With the European Champions League in full swing this season, many fans will be following their teams all over the Continent.

Who knows, I might check out Hoteles en Barcelona and make a trip to watch a great football team in action. Puede recommendar un...hotel barato? (Can you recommend a...cheap hotel?)


Anonymous said...

Bravo Barcelona my favourite city my favourite football club. You all will love Barca!

Anonymous said...

You know, I'd really like to visit Ibiza again. Despite all the trash there, it has some magical spots.

Unknown said...

Thanks for blog. You remind me my trip to this amazing city. We visited Barcelona in September 2002 and stayed for 4 nights. Make sure that you have enough time to see the things you want when visiting this great city. And don't expect to see it all in one visit. There simply is too much to see here. Finding a nice centrally located apartment in Barcelona hotels is no easier than any other great city, but I was lucky- there live our friends.
I still have to meet the first person that has visited Barcelona and has not fallen in love with this city. Without a doubt this is the greatest place (with people in it) that I have visited so far. Great architecture, nice people, superb food, a relaxed atmosphere, perfect shopping, a nice climate; Barcelona has it all. And somehow, everybody seems to agree on this. Perhaps this is the reason why Barcelona ranks second (after Paris) worldwide in numbers of visitors per year.

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