Holiday In Paradise - That's Hawaii

The holiday season is drawing near and so is winter time. Some of us will be getting the travelling bug to get away and enjoy the sunshine on some tropical island.

Hawaii always has that special attraction thanks to its beautiful scenery, year-round warm weather -- and it's a melting pot of culture. The islands of Hawaii have always been a favourite among many holidaymakers.

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With a bit of Hawaiian experience behind, I would say a good starting point is the island of Oahu, famous for its alluring scenery and, of course, Waikiki Beach. Honolulu, the capital, has enough attractions by itself whether it's shopping or sightseeing.

Over at the beach you can learn to surf, ride the wave on outrigger canoe, or just relax and enjoy the buzz. Oahu is a small island and you can have an enjoyable drive around it in a a day. No problem renting a vehicle.

What better place to have that special holiday than sweet Hawaii. Aloha!

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lilyruth said...

Great article I wish to travel and visit that paradise one day. but till then Aloha will do Smile.

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