Make Money: The Sound And The Fury

It's like an uplifting sermon when blogging newbies and make-money-online wannabes get to read about some great ideas and schemes to...well, make money online.

You're told by these self-appointed money-making mavens about how cool and easy it is to get in on the action.
You're made to feel that if you don't want to miss out, better be quick and jump on the bandwagon before it leaves the station. If you're not familiar with the current state of the blogging scenario you'll be wondering WTF it's all about.

You get to hear great shoutouts about how to make money online. You'll probably follow through on all the "feel good" writeups by some of the high-profile bloggers around because you're also interested in...well, making money online.

Way to go, man!

If you have been around a bit, you would have come across the hype about the Million Euro Wiki. 

You can say it's being touted as a great money-making idea the like of which you have never seen before.

Here's the lowdown: Invest on a Wiki page at $100 a pop to promote your business, drive traffic, make money, and if you like, sell it at a profit farther down the road. Or you can keep it until old age. Really?

While one group is vehemently pushing the Euro Wiki another group is casting doubts on this online venture and questioning the integrity of the whole idea.

The beef (no pun intended) about this "shenanigan" is that the people pushing this Wiki idea are looked upon as reputable bloggers who know a thing or two about making money blogging, but since the Euro Wiki was launched it became one fierce sales campaign with a lot of noise. This is surprising.

According to some bloggers who don't seem to look on this favourably, the Euro Wiki to them is more like a spin-off from another so-called money-making idea called the "Million Dollar Wiki." The later kicked off with a bang but lately it seems to come under the radar. Many questions are raised.
So is the Million Euro Wiki earmarked for success - for the short term or long term? Until the whole scenario crystallized - with positive or negative results - this is "entertainment" to those who are on the sidelines.

In retrospect, there were other clones trying to follow the footsteps of the original "Million Dollar Homepage," a website conceived by a 21-year-old English student Alex Tew who needed to raise money for his university education. His idea was to sell pixels in an image on the site.

That website -- launched on August 26, 2005 -- was a celebrated success, grossing more than $1 million USD. Of course, that took care of Tew's education and more. The idea peaked and today we believe most of the pixels are gathering dust. There were clones out to make a quick buck but sad to say they quickly bit the dust.

How durable the Wiki idea can last remains to be seen while the sound and fury continue unabated. One thing is for sure. There'll be more to write about in the near future.

Update #1: CashQuests just auctioned off her Euro Wiki page stating her reason for selling out was that she needed money for another upcoming project. That must have been one of the fastest business buy-in and buy-out ventures ever to be conducted online.

After all the energy plugging the virtues of Euro Wiki, this "sell-out" should come as a great surprise to all. According to CashQuests, her Wiki "business" page is still doing well with traffic and good response. But because of her new project, she has to let go. And I wish the new owner all the best in his new venture on the Euro Wiki.

As for me, I need to bring out that bottle of whiskey and drink to that. Hopefully it'll bring back my senses.

Update #2: What a way to go! Now the latest is that the Million Euro Wiki has been sold. John Cow just announced it at his blog. We'll hear more about the goings-0n, no doubt. Now I need another bottle of whiskey or should it be a glass of milk to get back on solid ground? Dizzy stuff in one day!


Anonymous said...

i think i know where u're gettin' at. If I follow your sense (no pun intended) I can see the point u're making. Good read, chum.

Anonymous said...

If my business is doing very well, I wouldn't let go. I'll get a bank loan using my present business as a collateral to start my new project. What's going on with the Wiki is all willy nilly to me!

Tarheel Rambler said...

Like Grandpa alway said, "If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is!"

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