Are You One of 85,000 PayPerPost Bloggers?

What more than 85,000 bloggers love best is to get paid to blog. These are the number of Posties (that's what they are called) who have signed up with PayPerPost (PPP) and I'm sure most of them are enjoying getting paid when they write reviews about products and services in the PPP marketplace.

Some of the top earners are making from $10k to $18k since they started writing for PPP. The PPP marketplace represents over 11,000 advertisers, making them one of the biggest draws for paid post sponsors.

The company has always being at the forefront of marketing innovation since it launched last year. PPP have not looked back since and they are still continuing to expand their operation. The latest was the news that they had formed a parent company by the name of Izea.

Despite detractors who frown on PPP, the company has managed to sail through rough waters. The PPP people have shown that they have the chutzpah and publicity flair to deliver smart ideas under the leadership of Ted Murphy.

Although I did sign up with PPP, I have been very selective of post opportunities. I only picked opportunities that I feel could be made relevant to this blog.

In the beginning, the opportunities for this blog were few and far between because this site was a PR0 then. Since attaining PR3 I had more opportunities but still I've to restrain myself from grabbing every opp that's available.

For a short period recently during the Google PageRank hoo-ha I noticed PPP ranked my blog as a PR5. That gave me the opportunity to accept higher paying opps.

Well, it was only for a short while, and now I'm back at PR3.

Oh well, let's wait and see....


Anonymous said...

I'm new to PPP but it's tempting to know that bloggers can make up to 10k writing for them. Shoulda look into this.

Prince John said...

I was a skeptic, but a big fan of PPP.

Your latest post on IZEA was a worthwhile post, I didn't see that in detail - thanks for sharing.

Good luck with PPP.

macewan said...

I made $2,500 in September when macewan.org was PR6, now at PR3 I'm punished by PPP with lower paying opps.

Prince John said...

Hey Mark,

Do you like to join me on this one to increase RSS subscribers?

MK said...

> MacEwan: Hope you can get back up there again. Wish all the best.

> Prince John: Thanks for that RSS offer but I'd rather stay out of it. My blog is not cut out for this. Hope you will get them.

Anonymous said...

I hope i can make it too..

Anonymous said...

I'm new to PPP. just want to ask your honest ipinion. Does payperpost and smorty violate one another since they are both ppp. Please, I need you response on this.

MK said...

> Glitch: Both are doing the same thing except that PayPerPost have a higher profile with their large base of posties. They are prominently on the radar and seem to be the main target of anti-PPP groups.

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