Why Blogging Smarties Are Coming On Strong With Smorty

When Smorty came on the scene to provide opportunities for bloggers to get paid to blog the company was considered a "small fry" trying to gatecrash the party that its more established competitor was having with its blogging posties. Bloggers who signed up early with Smorty found that paid opportunities were few and far between because it was still early days. Smorty found few companies willing to advertise on blogs via its services.

If there were any blog advertising to be written, the payment for a 150-word post was just a miserly five bucks. Cheap skate. That was not attractive enough to win over posties who want to get paid to blog.

More opportunities in the marketplace

But in recent months, if you are a signed-up postie, you would have noticed that more and more opportunities are appearing on the Smorty marketplace.

According to Smorty, blogs with a higher score based on its unique ranking system will be paid a higher rate.
It also depends on PageRank to value a blog. Obviously, the higher PR you have the better your chances of getting more higher-priced campaigns.

New referral program

In addition, Smorty has also launched its affiliate program which will give added incentive for member posties.

It's becoming quite attractive for Smorty smarties to focus on this company. The average minimum payment for an approved post is now $6 which is at least one buck better than the market leader who is still paying that miserly five bucks for "low-ranking" opportunities.

Smorty's higher paying opportunities are catching on, too, with higher PR blogs and there's no "segmentation". As with other blog for money companies, Smorty, which is free to join, requires that your post must be unique and using correct grammar and English.


Anonymous said...

I applied recently and i am still waiting for approval from them. This is my first time.

Anonymous said...

Opportunities have dried up for me, unfortunately :P

Unknown said...

> chris y: If your blog has PR it will get approval.

> pablopabla: There's hardly anything worth picking up at PPP. If only you have some kind of PR ranking, opportunities and payment are much better at the other marketplaces right now.

Matthew C. Keegan said...

Unless links are no follow, then using any paid posting plan can wreck your PageRank.

I recently published an article titled, "Are Paid Posts Polluting The Internet? which takes a look at the reaction of paid posting.

Lots of people lost their PageRank when Google caught up with them.

MK said...

> Matthew: True, paid posties are getting hit left and right especially those with PPP. We'll just have to see how things pan out.

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