SEO Book Ebook Guru Changes Direction

Ebooks are going down the path where dinosaurs have gone before but still there are Internet marketers who believe they can rope in some buyers especially the newbies. In fact, there is a general perception that the value of ebooks has been heading south.

One of the most respected SEO gurus, Aaron Walls of SEOBook.com, has been sending out emails to his affiliates to inform them that he is changing his SEO Book business model - that is moving away from selling his downloadable ebook. What he's planning to do is switch to selling a web based information product that is backed by a community forum which will eventually turn it into a service rather than product sales.

According to Aaron in his email notification, he has come to realize that the field of SEO was getting more complex. Many of those who had bought his SEO Book would like to have more interactions with him so they could ask him questions. Thus, he sees a need to change direction in his business with a new affiliate program that has more to do with training.

Since Feb 20, he had shifted his default affiliate traffic location to pointing at his new landing page instead of the old one. Aaron has no further plans to sell his SEO Book ebook.

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