New Perks And A Timely Warning

Wanna Be A New Postie And Get Paid? PayPerPost have widen the scope for post reviews with a new twist to their controversial program.

Posties can now place a "Get Paid To Review My Post" badge at the end of their posts. This is an invitation to new prospects to review your blog post.

What's the deal?

The wannabe clicks on the badge, signs up with PPP, and will be given a $7.50 opportunity to review, for example, this blog's post in his or her own blog. And you can imagine how it will spread from one postie blog to another! Not to mention the generation of multiple links back to your site with money earned for each link.

Oh, before I forget, once the new postie gets paid for reviewing your blog, you'll also be paid $7.50. Do I see a stampede soon after?

Eyes Wide Open On Links: If you're thinking of improving your search ranking, be very wary about buying links.

From Marketing Pilgrim comes this warning: Don't do it. In his posting, Andy Beal points out that search engines reserve the right to penalize you for it.

And if you want to know Google's stand, go to http://www.mattcutts.com/blog/text-links-and-pagerank/
. Also, link authority Eric Ward has warned against buying links. Check all this at the Marketing Pilgrim blog.

And Now, Digg This: The Digg folks have come out with an update to their "Digg This" button.

This new Digg button now has the brain "to detect whether your link is a Digg permalink or a URL and whether or not the content exists on Digg already. If it exists, you'll get the familiar yellow Digg box with a real-time Digg count to suggest visitors Digg your story. If the story doesn't exist yet on Digg, the first person to click on the Digg It link will be walked through the submission process."

You can check out all the details with samples on

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