It Takes Two To Tango...

...But when it comes to linking, two is just not on. If you have been reading up on linking, you need to be like Oliver Twist: Ask for more. Try to get more. Reach out for more...

Yes, the more the merrier and I've noticed that this linking craze has reached a "ludicrous level" where some bloggers are just sort of like ready to give an arm or a leg to get on the bandwagon. In other words, they are dying to see that green thingy appearing on their Google Page Rank.

It's fascinating that sometimes the hunger for links can cloud a blogger's rationale or judgment on whether he or she is doing something that is considered the right etiquette or not.

Take for example, this recent "LinkRoll" fad that spreads from one blog to another and thus creating a "chain letter" kind of reaction that continues to grow. You can see this on a number of blogs as the owners proudly show the list in their posts.

Would you join this "chain letter" group so that you can game the Google PageRank system? Is this another form of "social networking" -- like you scratch my back and I scratch yours? Or is it more akin to a "link farm"?

Is it Google's fault because they are now stressing on the importance of inbound links? They think this approach will benefit the quality websites. But what is a quality website? To Google, to you and to me?

It's always different folks, different strokes when it comes to meat and potatoes. Has Google ever considered whether this "LinkRoll" method an organic behaviour of blogs? White hat technique or black hat?

Everyone knows that to get good search rankings in Google, there must be links pointing to your website from other websites. Of course, webmasters can cook up different methods to build links. There's always more than one way to skin a cat.
If Google's intention is to create an ideal "democratic" world of search, it's not happening. The "best links are earned and given by choice" rhetoric doesn't ring true. Everything is only abstract. Does Google know and understand the heart of a blogger? No, unless the blog's owner spells out his/her intent clearly.

Surely, there must be a better way than what we are experiencing now.

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Robyn McMaster, PhD said...

New bloggers who may have quality posts really have the most trouble getting out of the starting gates because google ranking holds them back even though they may have quality content. It takes time and lots of effort to build ranking.

Thoughtful post, Mark!

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