Right On, Let's Get Populated At MyBlogLog!

You never know whom you'll meet in Blogosphere until, by chance or stealth, you bump into someone and discover you've found a new online friend. If both are similarly inclined towards, say, internet marketing and SEO, that would be cool.

MyBlogLog has been working overtime since Yahoo! acquired it. There has been a flurry of activities on this social networking site with more and more sign-ups coming on board each day than you can shake a thumbdrive at!

I see there's a scramble to be "in" at MyBlogLog. Correct me if I'm wrong in my perception. The other observation is that there's a more matured crowd here than say, StumbleUpon. Do we need to mention MySpace? And don't say you haven't seen some notable blogs or familiar faces at MyBlogLog.

Sheesh, this place is getting populated!

There's a powerful current flowing through this neighbourhood. If you had read "The Long Tail" then you'll begin to see a good example here where "amateur blogs are sharing attention with mainstream media."


AmyM said...

They also appear to be experiencing some growing pains, like MySpace had with pages loading slower and slower. MySpace loads like lightening now in comparison.

MK said...
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MK said...

It's called Traffic Congestion like the roads in LA and other big cities all over the world.

Anonymous said...

MySpace loads like it's 1997 for me - or is that just what the pages look like? ;-)

I like Mybloglog (and I'm just about to join your community), but have you noticed some tools have already started using animated avatars as ads? I was visited by somebody called 'Online Pharmacy' yesterday.

On the plus side I need never run out of C1aL15 or X8naX again....

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