Why This PR Is Doing A Shadow Dance?

Holy mackerel! This derision lately about that little green thing on Google Toolbar moving up and down or rather like "now you see it, now you don't" kind of shadow dance seems to cause some jitters among webmasters.

Can't imagine how dull life would be like without this PageRank (PR) playing tricks on our eyes.

If Google PR updates can be compared to the stock market barometer, how many webmasters would commit harakiri when they see their PR9 or PR6 plunge out of sight? That would be tantamount to a stock market crash.

But then despair can turn to jubilation when someone noticed that her PR had suddenly changed from zero to hero. Well, I mean maybe she's getting a PR3 or whatever. In fact, I came across one blog where this person "couldn't believe my eyes" and had to do a couple of screen refresh. And the next thing was for her to dance for joy!

At various forums, the PR fluctuations (or is it Google's heart palpitation?) were hotly discussed. Many were sort of on tenterhooks.

So, how important is PR? Those who swear by their PRs will regard this "little green thermometer" as important because a high-ranking PR says a lot about your in-bound links and that your site is generally in the pink of health.

And what about this site? Maybe I have to wait until I'm 199 years old before I get to see some green thingy!

To be serious, PR is an indicator of your site's standing according to Google. In simple term, it's to tell you that your site has arrived, or you're still knocking on the door.

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WAHM said...

Hi Mark, Thanks for dropping by...yea, this PR thingy was bothering me for a while. With PR Zero, I get rejected by advertisers most of the time. Though it's only a PR2, I'm happy for a start. Would be happy to exchange links. Just let me know which blog to link.

MK said...

Hi! Thanks for the note. Linking to CommonSense With Mark would be just fine.

Anonymous said...

I nearly fell off my chair when I hit PR4 on both my blogs at the same time - who says spamming doesn't pay? ;-)

Seriously, I've picked up links from some nice people, and I've found the best way to do it is to keep on visiting & commenting (Reasonably sensibly) on as many blogs as you can, until they give in and link you.

I also make the point of if I find a good blog that I enjoy, to write a post about it and recommend it to others - I don't do it for the link, it's genuine, but you often get one back.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the Spam, but I'm seeing you as PR2 occasionally on a refresh. You might be in for a nice surprise when the data centers have all updated :-)

MK said...

If it's reasonable enough and related to the post topic, then it's not spam in my book. I welcome comments. That's one of the ways to know how your blog is shaping up. When a blog has no comment, then the silence is as loud as thunder.

Unknown said...

PR is doing dance well its true sometime we see our site having Pr-6 then after few hours again PR-4 , reason for same is that Google got many server, In fact 3 huge servers for taking care of PR thing. Sometime PR vary in one or the other server but later on common file is transmitted so common PR is shown. One more thing exact PR is very difficult to know in terms of Google. We do say toolbar PR is not 100% correct. So do take care about it.
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