How I Got Dumb And Dumber Until I Was Almost Schmoed!

A Snippet For MyBlogLog Members Only:

The tagging game at MyBlogLog seems to make some people see a little bit of red. So do I when I joined in. I was seeing tiny red minus icons each time I clicked to tag. But when I looked at the other sites they all seem to have tiny green plus icons.

That made me look dumb. I read the tag explanation and some comments here and there but still I was seeing tiny red minus icons. That made me look dumber. How I was green with envy at those with the green plus icons.

I was flabbergasted and wondering whether I have fallen foul of the MBL law. I was about to resign myself as a "schmoe" and accept my punishment when I accidentally pointed at and clicked on a minus icon. . .voila, I finally got the answer! I was pointing at and clicking on the text all the time. That's why nothing happened when I wanted to delete a tag.

Everybody goes yada, yada about these tags but, as far as I can remember, no one mentioned anything about clicking on the tiny red and green icons. Lesson learned.


Dave said...

Haha dumb and dumber meet ME the dumbmest..... at least you figured that out, thanks for the little tip :)

lilyruth said...

Well I know Im dum not knowing about the computer lingo and stuff but I was tagged and I did not see any red signs are green signs Please explain? and I also went ahead and tagged but mine is a clean tag causee i did not know how to tag with green or red signs if you noticed in my taggs. Please go and see? and Pleas let me know wha t your talking about? WOW I bet Im the DUMBEST FOOL OF ALL and I did not even know it!!!

MK said...

> Dave: Guess you caught the drift.
> Lilyruth: Well, it's true the tagging thingy got me bamboozled at first. Don't worry you'll come right sooner or later.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, we could do a little better on the documentation for the tagging feature. Glad you figured it out!

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