QuickShot: Your Guide To Interesting Posts

You Wanna Make A Breakthrough In Blogging?

Remember the headline in the famous Avis car rental ad?

"We're Number Two, but We Try Harder."

That was the position taken by America's second-ranking car rental company to create a consistent top-of-mind awareness with their prospective clients.

As a potent marketing tool, "Positioning" is considered a powerful marketing concept that will carry the message across to prospects in the battle for the mind and market share.

The same concept could be applied to blogging if you want to make something out of it.

The fact that some of the bloggers are now at the top of their niche can be attributed to how they positioned themselves and by dint of hard work had reached the upper echelons.

Wanna Be An Online Entrepreneur?

Okay, there's no stopping you from having a fling as an online entrepreneur. With blog setup as easy as eating apple pie, believe me, anyone can give it a shot. Make it or lose it, that's up to you.

There's nothing like rolling up your sleeves and digging into it...but please be aware to have a plan that involves some marketing strategies, positioning and a sense of tech savvy to make it work.

Blogging, as you'll soon discover, is not a static past-time. You can slack but it won't do your blog justice if you wanna take the northbound train to RanksVille. You gotta move it!

They all say knowledge is power. But without action, knowledge is stagnant.

QuickShot Can Be Your Guiding Light

From now on watch out for "QuickShots," an intermittent posting from this blog that will tip you off on interesting, informative articles coming from other blogs. I believe this will help bring to the attention of some bloggers useful information that they may have missed.

For a start, here are four tip-offs:

* Over at Problogger, Darren Rowse has got some
new revelations about his earnings from Amazon.com. He has noticed "an upswing" in earnings in recent months. If you're an Amazon Associate, I'm sure you would be keen to know what's the secret behind it all. Who wouldn't want to be in the same boat as Problogger?

* Malaysian blogger Daryl Lau has been working overtime over at How To Earn Money Blogging. He's making headway with his brainchild, the "
Bidding Directory." And he plans to start running a contest that "will benefit everyone." You wanna know more? Hop over there!

* Joshua Dorkin over at
Time For Blogging just got his middle finger slammed by a door and got lay off typing for a while. But just before that little mishap, he did a post about why you should keep your blog pages up to date 'cos it's good karma for your blog.

* The Article Writer is asking "
What Are Your Writing Specialties?" As a freelance writer, Matt gets offers to write articles on various subjects.

According to him, his writing strengths include the following: aviation, personal finance, automotive, human interest, and generalized topics among others.

But when he was asked to write about wedding dresses, he was just stumped. So his latest post is asking for other freelancers who might be interested to take on writing projects which he can't do himself.


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Very good idea for blogging. Keep it up! I'm sure people will find it useful.

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