New Feature Added To Technorati's Interface

Checked out Technorati this Saturday morning and what did I find? A surprise package.

The Technorati guys have added a new feature to the site's interface. This time you'll see something that's labelled "Authority" next to your usual ranking score as you can see on the screenshot.

My normal ranking score stands at 96,332 and the new Authority score shows 47. It doesn't show the number of incoming links anymore.

So what does that mean?

So far I couldn't find any explanation regarding this new feature. By looking at the various scores attained by some of my incoming links, I can deduce that the higher your Authority score then it's obvious the higher IS your "Authority" as a blog.

I believe we'll get to know more in the coming days about this new development at Technorati. Meanwhile, keep your fingers crossed that you'll get a higher number this time against the Authority score.

And over at Performancing, Ryan Caldwell is talking about how to diversify your links in 5 different ways.

It's obvious from the latest Page Rank update that Google is strongly buffering the effect of certain kinds of links. What kind of links? That's a complex question, but I think I can answer it with two words: undiversified links."

He's saying that the key to linkbuilding now is diversification. Here are his 5 pointers:

  • Stop pointing incoming links to your homepage
  • Diversify the location of your links
  • Diversify your anchor text
  • Get article level links from strong sites
  • Comment at other blogs

To comprehend these 5 pointers, go over to Caldwell's post at Performancing and read about them.


Anonymous said...

It looks like where it used to say "(YYYY links from XXX blogs)" - the Authority number is replacing the XXX number. Looks like they really just ditched the "total links" and changed the name of the unique links. I knew all of my Technorati obsessing would pay off one day...

Christy said...

I am just confused, I think it would have been nice to of had a warning or at least Technorati could explain the change. It just seems to have come out of no where and doesn't make sense. But hopefully it will all be for the best!
Hope your having a great weekend! :)

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