New 'Fan' Feature from Technorati

Since Technorati started to make some changes to their interface, like adding new features and doing away with others, I'm sure many would give the thumbs up for these "smart moves."

We don't want to discuss what the naysayers are saying. On my part, I'd like to look at one particular aspect of this new changes which I think is quite cool.

It's not the "Authority" ranking which is just an indication of who has got the greatest number of blogs linking to the person's site.

But the very fact that if many people are faving your blog, do you have the time to dig deep to see who are your admirers or rather who are those blogs that have connected to you in Technorati?

Unless you're a full-time blogger or someone who enjoys digging...for details and so forth, you may miss out some of the people who have linked to you in the Technorati list.

Technorati's new "Fan" feature is a lot of help. Now you are able to see, sorta at a glance, who are your "fans." If this is not a great feature, then I don't know what is.

Yes, you get to see their avatars and their blogs' URLs. Some avatars I recognize because we have "connected" but what a surprise to see others you never thought of before until you see them now faving you.

It stirs up a good feeling but, at the same time, I felt bad that I should have acknowledged their gestures by reciprocating. But then I didn't know until I'm shown up by Technorati's "Fan" feature.

This post is to bring to notice what I had missed out. Okay, I have to put my nose to the grindstone and start to acknowledge all those that I have not connected yet.


BetShopBoy said...

Hi Markk

I've added you to my technorati fave

please fave me at http://technorati.com/faves?add=http://betshopboy.blogspot.com

appreciate if you can link my url on your blog


Paris David said...

Yeah, I noticed that too.

I like the pics Technorati has added.

And I like your blog's new look. Did you redesign it again?

I'm so used to reading you just from the emails...

MK said...

> BestShopBoy: I've faved U!
> Paula: Hi! No redesign, just some tweaking here and there as the situation changes.

Jennifer Jones said...

Hi Markk... thanks for this.

I was wondering what the whole authority thing was. :-)

I am going to start getting into technorati... and start linking people and all that high tech stuff! LOL!


Jeremy Jacobs said...

Mark, Jen, I think I faved you both. Will check later.

MK said...

> Jeremy: Thanks, good to see you around again.

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