The News Room: New "Mash For Cash" Opportunity

A new opportunity is presented to bloggers when they join the The News Room. This is a new concept to present news content online via an individual's blog like yours and mine. And you're going to be paid for displaying their video clips in your post.

The News Room provide news video feeds that are all free and fully licensed. Select the video clip you think is of interest to your reader for a particular post and embed it in your blog, or "mash" it as they say in The News Room.

How does it work? What are the benefits?
  • For starter, you have to sign up for the service to participate in this program which is free.

  • After joining, select a video clip and "mash" it on your site.

  • Build an audience to watch the video news clip on your site. You'll earn up to $4 per thousand impressions (CPM) for news clips. The CPM starts at $1.

  • Every time a mashed news story is viewed on your site, you'll automatically get a share of the advertising revenue. There'll be an advertisement in the video clip.

  • It's a viral payment plan. You'll also make money when someone "mashes" your site's content and let it be viewed on theirs. All they have to do is click on the Mash button.

  • And the icing on the cake! Registered members will be able to earn "loyalty" program prizes that include electronics, vacations and cars!

  • And how do you get paid? There's a payment chart which is appropriately named myRevenue that tracks your earnings. You'll be paid every time you "mash" an image or text that is rendered or drawn by viewers. A guaranteed CPM is due to you each time a video or video feed is mashed to your site and viewed. Here's a view of the payment chart below:

Content-wise, The News Room have a wide range of fully licensed news stories from major content providers such as Associated Press (AP), Reuters, and Agence France-Press (AFP) that can be published or "mashed" on your site. Subjects include world news, politics, health, science and technology, entertainment, sports and more.

How do you do the "mashing up?" Pick a video clip from the site by copying a code and "mash" it as a new posting on your blog. Some of the videos, especially news, will have updates on events.

I can see it's going to be exciting if you know how to pick the right video clip and news story combination for an interesting "mashup" that can be relevant and interesting to your site visitor. Yes, you can now have news you can use on your site.

The only drawback is that not every blogger will be inclined to have news video on his or her site, mainly because of irrelevancy of content. Some may feel blog load-up time will be greatly affected.

But if this is up your alley, there's a wide range of subjects covered. If yours is a news focus kind of blog you'll probably appreciate this new concept.

Get a feel of it as you watch a sample of the video feed from The News Room.


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