You Can Add Static Pages To Your Blogger Blog With Links

A recent post by Vin over at BetaBlogger For Dummies had gotten me into action after a few days of chilling out. In his usual instructional manner, he reveals how to add static pages in Blogger.

All this while, Blogger users were sort of left in the dust when it comes to adding these static pages. This advantage is a given for WordPress users. No wonder they're always laughing at us Blog-gers!

Anyway, when push comes to shove, let's knuckle down and do something about it.

So how to overcome this handicap? Well, when the mountain doesn't come to you, then you have to go to the mountain - and that's Google.

Vin has shown the direction. Go to Google Page Creator and create your own account there. That's where you can create your own static page and place a link of that page on your Blogger blog.

By the way, if you have a Gmail account then you can log in using the same username and password. Otherwise, create a new account. Of course, it's free. Google allow free space for hosting your files there, and that's up to 500MB.

What did I do there? I created a blogroll page using their site manager (or a site builder) which is rather limited in features but, nonetheless, good enough to do up a simple-looking page that lists the blogroll of links to my fave sites. See "The Good Links" on my sidebar and click on the "My Blogroll" button to go to the new static page.

You have four simple layout choices. Once you have done up the page, you can then change the look of the page by choosing one of 17 different page templates. There are a few nice-looking ones.

Images can be uploaded to the page. Font manipulation is rather limited. On the whole, I find the interface is a bit "clunky" but it will do.

I really don't fancy the Blogroll on the sidebar because when the list gets too long, space becomes an issue. By moving your blogroll to a separate page you can build up a good list of links and adding more of them won't be a problem.

The only grudge is that I had to manually bring over my list and link each URL one by one. If someone knows a better way to do it, I'll be pleased to hear from this guiding light.

All my present blogroll links are intact on this new static page. I'm looking forward to adding more links from now on. Link love - what else to call it?


Danielle said...

I just caught Christy's last post and she has awarded you with the Thinking Blogger Award and I wanted to be the first to congratulate you.

Wishing you and yours health, balance and joy.

Be well and enjoy the day.

Sam Chan said...

Hi Mark Khoo,

You had been awarded the "Thinking Blogger Award" by Christy

The following stuff in this blog makes me think
- DOFOLLOW comments
- TagSociety
- GooglePages

Best Wishes

Paris David said...

Excellent stuff.

It's funny, I'd just thought about creating a page using that Google thing, but didn't know what I'd create.

Now I know!


MK said...

> Danielle, Sam: Thanks for the scoop!

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