Chill Out: Catch "The Shadow Catcher"

Author Marianne Wiggins has seven novels and two collections of short stories to her credit. She is noted for the unusual characters and story lines in her novels. Her work is increasingly considered exceptional.

Her lastest novel "The Shadow Catcher" is out. When Simon & Schuster asked her to promote her book using modern technology via video, Wiggins took up the challenge although she admited she's really not up to it.

Coming from a family of Greek and Scots ancestry, Wiggins lived in London for 16 years and for brief stints in Paris, Brussels and Rome. During a Thanksgiving dinner for a group of friends, she met an Indian-born Englishman named Salman Rushdie.

She and Rushdie wed in January 1988. On a book tour in the US, the couple learned on Valentine's Day 1989 that Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini had ordered Rushdie killed for blasphemy in the book The Satanic Verses.

She lived in 56 different safe houses, under the protection of the British government. After six months, however, she decided to take a flat under an assumed name. In 1993, the two divorced. (via Wikipedia)

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