A Tinkering Blogger Becomes A Thinking Blogger!

How cool can it be. Coming out of the blue. Thank you, Christy of Coffee Break.

Yes, I've been tagged by Christy as one of her fave blogs to be given "The Thinking Blogger Award." As a blogging friend, Christy has always being encouraging, showing generosity coupled with a positive attitude towards other bloggers.

Now I find myself in a fix trying to figure out whom I should tag. I never expected this. Reason why: I've not been as prolific or enthusiastic as other bloggers in trying to build up links via the meme way. It's just not me.

By the way, this meme originated from Ilker Yordas of The Thinking Blog. It has been going the round for a couple of months.

I don't get that many visitors to my blogs, and I hardly get comments from those who came by, except for a few who have been generous and kind enough to come back often to read my blogs.

If I were one of the A-list bloggers and post a one-liner, I will probably get from 50 to 100 comments, or even more. I've seen it with my own eyes! But I'm not. If I were to write a one-liner, then I'm afraid people will dismiss my blog without a second thought.

Now I've to pick out five blogs to tag for this meme. And it's like scrapping the bottom of the barrel. That's how tough it is for me.

If I'm going to hand out five tags for the "Thinking Blogger Award", then it's only fair and reasonable for me to select those who have been communicating with this blog through comments, community site messages, emails or posts.

These are the bloggers whose sites I visit, read their contents and they, likewise, come to my blogs. Therefore, I know them better than those I'm not so familiar with in my blogging journey.

So I'm tagging the following five bloggers for "The Thinking Blogger Award" :

Goodness Graciousness

Jennifer is a multi-talented person who has this great capacity to share compassionate thoughts with visionary essays (yes, I would rather call it that than posts). A deep thinker she is - ethereal, esoteric and exuding goodness graciousness.

A View Of It

Although Carol's A View Of It has already garnered the award I'm giving her the thumbs-up for her belief that war is not the answer vis-a-vis the situation in Iraq. She has been critical of President George W. Bush's administration for the way it handles the Iraqi issue. In this respect, she deserves the award a second time around for her thoughts on war and peace.

Blogging To Fame

Divya Uttam has gained fame for her insightful posts writing in Blogging To Fame. A Mass Communication graduate, she has been surfing the Internet for the past seven years. Obviously, she knows what she's talking about as a thinking blogger.

Modern Musings

Danielle already has three citations and I'm giving the fourth one to her for her perception and concern about major issues faced by America. She loves modern poetry...

Kumiko's Cash Quest

Is this a surprise? Here's a spunky young Japanese lady with an "evil mind" to make more money than John Chow. Although she's still a long way off target, I believe Kumiko will go far with her boundless blogging energy and street-smart thinking. That's the way I see it, so she gets the vote, too.

Stealing these lines from Christy's Coffee Break...
here's how the Thinking Blogger Awards work - These are Ilker's Rules:

1. If, and only if, you get tagged, write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think.

2. Link to this post so everyone can easily find the exact origin of the meme.

3. Optional: Proudly display the 'Thinking Blogger Award' with a link to the post that you wrote, there is also the alternative gold version.

Here's my brief view of "thinking bloggers"

There are many thinking bloggers surfing the Web. Truly those that are honored by being cited as "The Thinking Blogger" must be doing something right to deserve the mention from fellow bloggers.

A "Thinking Blogger Award" has got nothing to do with page rank or traffic. It's more associated with critical and analytical thinking, I guess.

I believe that the basic criteria in faving one to be "The Thinking Blogger" encompasses the following:

  • Appreciation of the blog's content;

  • The thoughts behind the writing;

  • The vision of the blogger; and

  • The blogger's ability to resonate with the readers.
Others may have their own definitions.

If I think rationally without prejudice of any kind, then I can say that "thinkers" are very diverse in their mindset.

Metaphorically, the playing field for "thinkers" is not level. There are different levels of thinking...and "thinkers."

It's a question of which level you're coming from. Yet everyone is a thinker.


Anonymous said...

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Christy said...

That was a great post! I'm glad you're happy about the award!

I read three out of the five blogs you've listed, and I haven't heard of the other two so I have to go check them out. Looks like we have the same taste in blogs!

Hope you have a fantastic day Mark!

Your Friend,


Danielle said...

Thank you for thinking of me as a Thinking Blogger. As essentially silly as it is, it does keeps me going. I clicked on your link to feed on your offerings more regularly. I am discovering I can keep up with my members of MyBlogLog community and blogroll a lot easier through my Google Reader.

As always wishing you and yours health, balance and joy.

Anonymous said...

wow, congrats on the award. i got that a while ago too. :D

Carol said...

Hi Markk,
I am so sorry. I am just finding out right now that you thought of me for this Award. I am so surprised by that since you have always been a great help to me - you are much more deserving of this than I am but I humbly accept with thanks!

Lazada Malaysia