John Cow Shows Up A Lot of Cow Sense

Hats off to an ingenious idea that has appeared to take on a viral form of its own this past week. It's awesome. It's a phenom. Okay, that's how I view it. I'm talking about some creamy cow sense that rocks.

Welcome to the blog farm of JohnCow.com where making mooney online or moo-lah if you like has gone on a kinda spin reminiscent of mad cow disease.

Forgive the hyperbole, but that's how it is over at the land of milk and mooney. Almost all the blogging gliterrati are at the farm party. No doubt the milk there must be top quality stuff. As John Cow puts it, milk is good for you.

Like I said earlier, I noticed this stampede to JohnCow.com along the cattle trail and I followed the herd which I rarely do. For once I was not disappointed when I arrived at the farm.

The looks of JohnCow.com somewhat resemble the other big farm over at Big Beef's. But Old MacDonald would have been proud to see that the welcoming signboard shows two cars...oops! sorry! I mean to say two cows. That's our country boy!

But there are other differences. No sir, I don't get goosepimples here as I moved around listening up to most of the comments posted by some cow boys and cow gals. One gets the feeling that there's no feeling of evilness in the clean country air here. There seems to be more camaraderie at JohnCow.com.

By the look of it, this young upstart of a calf has grabbed the bull by the horns with an awesome idea that will surely shake up Cow Country. I guess, there'll be more demands for cows rather than cars in the days to come if I'm not wrong. Animal farms may well be the next big thing ever since sliced bread. How about some ducks, cats and dogs...?

So far the dairy products (or posts as we earthy bloggers call them) are good for the eyeballs with sensible ramblings and wise cracks that are worth plenty of moo-moos.

And to celebrate this new-found fame, JohnCow wants to increase the herd by giving new cowhands a chance to make mooney online too with a new competition he has branded with his big hot iron as "Cash Cow Cowpetition!!"
I say "moo" to that.

Survey the farm site and write a full review of it. If you get into John Cow's good book you stand to win a bundle of mooney or moo-lah, whatever that is. Teasing apart, if you can make the cow jump over the moon, $100 cash will go straight into your PayPal account.

But that's not all the milk you can squeeze from the cow, you also get a one-month link in John Cow's pasteurized sites section and a permanent 468x60 banner ad at the top of his site.

Now you know where free milk is available. It's rocking over there. As reported by John Cow, the Alexa stats were all shook up in no time as the cow site hit 13,985 as I write! John Cow's bacon is sizzling, man!

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Anonymous said...

Hah, you've given us new ammo with the nifty little quotes, good job!

Anonymous said...

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MK said...

> JohnCow: Thanks for checking out this site. You're welcome.

> Mahdi: Thanks for stopping by. I see you comment a lot at JohnCow. I'm not too sure about that advise yet.

Anonymous said...

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