Blogging With Amazing Grace

I've come across a new blog that has really caught my attention without any sceptical reservation on my part about its potential.

More often than not, most newbie blogs have the tendency to be more interested in riding the money trail of blogosphere. You see their intentions from the word go when you look up their new blogs. But not this one although there are the usual widgets, affiliate banners and programs on the blog.

Now I would like to introduce you to one lady blogger who's known by her blogging name Grace - and she truly has this remarkable blog that's so divinely called Shine With Grace. What strikes me at first sight is the "spic and span" appearance of her blog. You won't be wrong if you say it's simply immaculate.

The fact that I bring up this point is that it looks like it has been around for quite some time. But, according to Grace, this blog only got off the ground about two months ago. And within that short period of time, she has really covered a lot of ground in the layout and design of her blog, putting various page elements in their proper places without stumbling all over. Okay, I may have missed some incongruous setting along the way. It took me more than two months to put up a fairly decent-looking blog and I'm still tweaking to get it right.

Now before anyone of you gets to say "Aha, here's a sponsored review!" I can assure you this is not one of those "ReviewMe" posts. In fact, I'm intrigued and charmed by this amazing blog because of its contents that are well-written without being bombastic. The choice of Grace's subjects are also interesting - from motivational topics to the arts. So I'm motivated to write about this new blog.

Only the other day, I spent a few hours browsing through this blog and was simply amazed by the organization of the site. Every nook and corner of this blog must have been planned with a fine-tuned mind. It would be beyond most bloggers, including myself, to be able to spend such a short time gathering images, graphics, and conjuring up words to fill the space. That's amazing.

I know something that is unique when I see one. I had commented on her blog that I've visited many blogs - from crappy ones to well-designed sites - and Shine With Grace is definitely head and shoulder above most newbie blogs in looks and contents, and it surely beats the hell out of many more so-called established blogs, too, if I may say so.

It's a revelation to discover this blog.

Gracing the fine art of Chinese paintings

Other than the motivational stuff found on her blog, the other captivating aspect of this site is her interest in Chinese art and she has presented some great information about Chinese painters in her posts. I was drawn to the paintings shown in her posts and I take the liberty to show a couple of screen captures here.

For example, Grace posted about the works of the infamous late Chinese painter Lin Feng Mian in her "Breathing Space" article, detailing the background of this pioneer of modern Chinese art who died in 1991. Read more at Grace's blog.

How motivated is Grace as a blogger?

For starter, in her profile, Grace believes that everyone is "born to shine." She has recently been motivated to come out of her "comfort zone" to face the new challenges and express herself. Blogging is probably one of the best ways to fulfil her belief.

BlockquoteI hated failure and defeat - and therefore, I always played safe, which translated into avoiding challenges and choosing, many times, the second best - and kept feeling unfulfilled," says Grace in her blog profile.

In one of her posts, Grace reveals the good feeling she gets "walking around the blogosphere and listening to what people are talking about."

Since joining the blogging fraternity, I would say she has been graceful with all the other bloggers she came into contact with, including yours truly. There's no snobbish air about her - that's a bonus. Looks like she's doing her level best to make things happen. So now, through her blog, she'll be expressing herself, share ideas, explore, experiment, learn and communicate with others. That, according to her, is her mission.

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Robyn McMaster, PhD said...

Mark, thanks for introducing us all to a great new blogger. You are absolutely right... Grace's blog is very clean.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I got a one-page review on CommonSense with Markk

Anonymous said...

Wow, I got a one-page review on CommonSense with Markk...

Lucky me to have met you so early in my blogging journey, guiding angel!

Unknown said...

I am excited and I haven't been over there, yet. Thanks, Mark.

Anonymous said...

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