John Cow: Catching Mad Cow Disease

This is a sequel to my previous post regarding an unusual event that has taken roots with a cow-sense vengeance. Read on:

It looks like mad cow disease is rampant in the blogosphere. Although some blogging authorities are not forthcoming in acknowledging this sudden bovine outbreak, cows on blog pasture are mooing louder than ever before and showing signs of delightful hysteria.

According to some mad cow scientists, these are indications that the disease is catching on. Normally, cows grazed quietly but when they start to moo more than a couple of times, it's a clear sign that cow sense is going wacky.

Bovine medical experts have warned blog farmers and cattle barons to look out for the following symptoms:

* Mooing - as in coughing - sporadically the whole day

* Without any rhyme or reasons, hoofing it to the blog farm of JohnCow.com for some free milk which they could bladdery well generate themselves

* Posting cow-sense comments at the blog farm hoping for that extra pail of milk

* Instead of trying to make money online, they've switched to making mooney online

Here are some comments from suspected carriers of the disease gathered by blog newshounds that, more or less, sum up this moo fever. But be warned - all the comments may not make sense to you...well, unless you got it yourself...

BlockquoteI like milkshakes, shaken not stirred."

BlockquoteI like the thick milkshakes that are really thick, but still drinkable with a straw!"

Blockquote"Moooove on over, I'm steering in a for a win, myself...To win is only human; to give is bovine!"

BlockquoteCan I trade the cash for a cow instead? A blue one, please?"

BlockquoteHmmm!! great offer and I am gonna be one of the calf to suck the milk from the cow"

BlockquoteMoooo damnit moooo"

Virally infectious. That's how the whole darn situation is.

The JohnCow.com community farm at MyBlogLog has grown to a herd strength of 140 at latest count and still counting.

According to John Cow, the stampede has taken Technorati by storm, crashing down the gate at paddock number 66,454.

P. S.
Now, here's the latest from bovine experts who may well have come up with a remedy to this mad cow shenanigan.

When you detect the first sign of the symptoms, quickly head to the nearest grocery and grab a crate of beer. Yes, good ol' beer! Booze it up and you might chase the milk cow blues away.

To make doubly sure of that, play your best Mootown sound on your hi-fi, enjoy the beer and soon you'll be counting sheep.

Mooooo! Here's one for the road!!

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Anonymous said...

Hahaha. You write like a funny cow. Nice work.

Anonymous said...

This is sooo moooo-ing I'm giggling all over...hehe!

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