It's The Year Of Blog Re-Design!

Holy cow! If this is not the Year of the Big Blog Revamp then I don't know beyond my nose what is.

In every nook and corner of the Blogosphere, it looks like there's a new awakening...a sort of renaissance in blog design.

Bloggers are getting a bit of the itch to get rid of old default templates and whatnot. Now we are seeing blogs getting a new lease of life with their new looks. Well, you can say some are sexy, some cute, some cool, some hot, and some are...well, loud and over the top!

It doesn't matter which blog platform you're running on, bloggers are getting more sophisticated and more adept at making design changes with the help of new WordPress and Blogger themes that are now available.

Could this be the dawn of understanding that good blog design is not a far-fetched idea? Design is an important aspect of your blog other than the content. If you have a well-designed site that has form and function, nobody can shake a mouse at you and say "boo!"

When you start seeing some of Blogosphere's top guns joining the revamp party, don't be surprised to see the next wave of followers go gaga over blog re-design. Here are some recent makeovers that I have come across:


One of the latest face-lifts concerns the famous Problogger site of Australian blogger Darren Rowse. Here's a screenshot of the site. Overall, I think it's a good effort.

The Thinking Blog

The next high profile blog to have undergone a revamp is The Thinking Blog that is authored by Ilker Yordas. People used to praise the old design with oohs and aahs. Now with a total overhaul, you should read the comments section. Obviously, there are more oohs and aahs.

Goodness Graciousness

The inspirational blog of Jennifer Jones has got a fresh look with a striking header that nicely conveys the theme of her site.


over at SmartWealthyRich has done another makeover - his second within a short period. According to him, he wasn't satisfied with the previous makeover, so it's back to the drawing board for him. This is how his blog looks now.


Jennifer Jones said...

Ahhh I'm so very tickled that I got added to your list! :-)

As you know Mark, my tech skills are VERY weak (OK... HORRIBLE), but slowly and surely I am learning a few things and am actually very proud of myself (smile) for figuring out how to create a header in photoshop.

It has only taken me six months to get it but, hey, at least I finally have my very own personal header!

Thanks for the kindness Mark... and help!

Warmest wishes to you,


MK said...

> Jennifer: You did a good makeover job. It's there for all to see. LOL!

Bonez said...

Bonez has gone through many "re-designs" over the years but I am still not nearly "contented" with it. I have even considered hiring someone to do a professional makeover but balk at that when I can do it myself if (like Jennifer) I give myself enough time and research and experiment. I guess keeping myself to the Blogger formatting may be a limiting factor, too.

MK said...

> Tony: I'm sure you can do it, just steal some ideas from my blog! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Hey Markk, thanx a lot for the linkage! :)
hehe I changed the design again!

MK said...

> Jon: Oh yeah? That's the spirit, keep ramblin' on!

Blain Reinkensmeyer said...

You need to update this list and slap JohnChow.com's new theme in there. Interesting post though, could it really be "The Year"??? :P

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