John Cow: The Herd's Back Home Again

So John Cow.com going missing was just a big hoot after all. Cow bells are ringing and the herd is coming home again. Great...and it's not even April 1. Most of us really fell for it. Thought it was the end.

After this lark, I guess it's a good time to take a break and chill out. Settle down on the poach, pick up that old trusty acoustic guitar and sing yourself silly with this little cow ditty. If you're not sure how to start, listen to the video clip of "Ramblin' Man" and you'll get the idea how to do it.

Below are my own two cowsense worth of lyrics that's a parody of the Hank Williams classic.

Ramblin' Cow

I can't stop my moo-ing
And I'm doing just fine
When I hear an old freight train
Rollin' down the line

Ain't got no moo-ooney
But you gotta understand
I need a little moo love
A ramblin' cow, I am

I love all you bloggies
If you wanna follow me
I can never settle down
The open road a-callin' me

Some folks say I'm funny
With lots of cow sense
They know me as John Cow
A ramblin' cow, I am

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Anonymous said...

John Chow - John Cow I think are one in the same. Not sure yet. But the linkbait ploy they pulled yesterday sure is paying off big time.

MK said...

John Cow is a guy named Bob from the Netherlands residing in Dublin, Ireland. Well, that's what he wrote in his profile at BobMeetsWorld.com.

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