Hungry For Some Good Stories?

Writing posts for a blog can be tough at times, but what about writing short stories? As a short story writer, you either have the flair to be a talented one or none at all to save your own skin.

That brings to mind short story essayist Ian Randall Wilson whose latest book "Hunger And Other Stories" is a collection of 14 serious stories that are profoundly moving and gut-wrenching.

The award-winning author writes about family conflicts, human desires and sexual relationships gone bad.

The first tale, "A Wire Man" is an intense story about a father who is full of prejudice and his son who went about trying to prove his own worth and then ran into financial problem. It's an emotional insight into a father and son relationship.

The title story, "Hunger," is a passionate and powerful tale about a man yearning for love. You'll be surprised by the stunning ending.

If you're the type who's not inclined towards dark tales that touch on the human psyche and often depressing, this book may not be your cup of tea. Better to stick to a lightweight like a Harry Potter book.

These are Wilson's first collection of short stories with characters who are often haunted by their pasts and their apprehension of the future.

If anything, his writing style is graceful and poetic without being overbearing in self-indulgence.


Jennifer Jones said...

Ohhh sounds intriguing! Thanks for the recommend!



Dale Ng said...

Yes,subscribing to RSS feed will be a good idea.

Anonymous said...

Hey Markk!

Man, these stories sound like they're right up my alley. I love fictionand short stories anyway. Been writing them for years.
Anyway, thanks much for the tip. Have a great weekend.

Tisha! said...

love short stories thanks!

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