It's A Boring Blog That Don't Market Blinds

Would you mind a company advertising on your blog? Even if they are blinds makers? Some of you would cringe by the very thought of it. Me? Well, if I can make a few pennies out of it, why not?

I don't have that kind of ad yet. But I'm writing about an Internet retailer associated with quality custom blinds. If orders are placed through them,
GUARANTEEDblinds.com will refer you to your local technician to do the measuring and installation and this service is free.

Whoa! Did I hear somebody scream at me "You're selling out, ?//!$#@?*#...#$/&\#$!!" . Sell what out? I don't want to write about the number of eggs I had for breakfast this morning and why my cat hates the neighbour's dog.

Well, if you'd read my earlier posts, you should know where I stand. I'm just making sense of things after giving this some thoughts. After all, this is a marketing blog and I can honestly say I'm not like any "drug dealer," a tag that cuts loose easily from the mouth of some big-time bloggers.

Some tips (this blog is all about giving tips to online entrepreneurs, no?): Before switching from curtains to blinds or changing from old to new for your windows you should follow these tips. Decide on the mounting, inside or outside the window frame. Then get the measurements. The ideal measuring tape should be wooden or steel. A fabric tape can give you inaccurate measurements.

If you cannot trust yourself with the measurements, you'll need a technician to measure and install the blinds. That's where
GUARANTEEDblinds.com come to the rescue. They have this NBI's Locator Service which lets you contact your local pre-screened technician. The technician only charges for measuring and installation work.

Whatever your style, this
Internet custom blinds retailer has got them covered. Me? I like the rustic look of timber blinds instead of curtains for my SoHo.

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