Adsense Is Googling Again

Things are getting a bit dicey again where the Adsense program is concerned. The Google Adsense policies have been "revamped" in easier to understand lingo. But still some of the nuances in the policies are facing contention among Adsense users.

One key issue that's nagging website publishers is the placement of Adsense contextualized ads. Google are saying that similar contextualized ads from other advertisers should not be entertained on the same website if publishers are using the Adsense program.

This may well stick in the craw for publishers who have been using both Adsense and other contextualized ads. Some publishers knowing how sticky Google can be regarding their TOS oblige by using Adsense on web pages minus contextualized ads from other advertisers. But they place these other ads on some other pages without the Adsense ads.

Now, it seems it's a no-go to do that. Already, we're hearing rumblings from some publishers regarding this issue. For more about the Google TOS updates, JenSense.com has got the skinny on them.

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