How About 'Going Natural'?

Recently, I've been asked to check out an SEO video entitled "Going Natural". Oh well, it's got nothing to do with one's birthday suit.

Anyway, this one comes to you free with "solid information."

The presenters of this video are the StomperNet duo Andy Jenkins and Brad Fallen ( their blog:
http://www.stomperblog.com/?whitehatseo )

They are two guys who believe that if you're struggling with SEO, it's not your fault. It's just that you haven't got the right info (yet).

One of the highlights is the explanation of how "related terms" can be used to win the love of Google. It's one of the most practical explanation I've come across.

You can check out this powerful SEO video at

You might also be interested in their free report here

If you're a webmaster or optimizer who needs tons of relevant traffic to your site, this video should be of great benefit.

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