It Makes Sense To Give Link Love

Regular visitors to this blog and my other blog at The NextPost would not have failed to read up my post entitled "When A Little Link Can Go A Long Way."

Now I'd just thought that visitors to CommonSense With Markk should be given the same treatment. A fair deal, if you like.

I'm gonna repeat what I had mentioned over at The NextPost that there's no obligation involved here. Everything is up to you, good folks.

As I write this, there are nine avatars showing on MyBlogLog's Recent Readers list. To show my appreciation for their visits, I'm gonna provide a link back to their blogs.

You know something? It doesn't take much to do this. Eventually, I'll do away with the blogroll on the sidebar or cut it down to size. If I like to link to some blogs, I just give them some mention in a post.

Like I'd said before, you don't have to review this blog to get a backlink. But if you want to do that, there's no stopping you. Just think of this as some kind of linkety fun that hit me in a flash! But please take note that this is not an everyday affair.

Okay, here goes...the Lucky 9:

Goodness Graciousness
Sharing and spreading goodness and graciousness throughout the world by Jennifer Jones

Podnosh Blog: High Fibre Podcasting
I'm not really into podcasting but Nick Booth digs it

House of Virtue
A Christian Information & Resource Sharing Blog

Life Learning Today - New & Improved
Life Learnings about Love, Success, Health, Finances, Wealth, Technology, Happiness, and More! That's what it says.

GorillaSushi We Eat Blogs
"GorillaSushi is a band of eclectic bloggers writing on every imaginable subject. As many blogs gain attention for their narrow focus, we pride ourselves in our broad subject matter. Satire, movie reviews, trailers, humor, politics, technology and culture." Wow!

Little Lolita
"I'm weird (in a good way). Sometimes quiet. Other times im hyper as hell. Im friendly. Im funny... ," says Perri

Chateau Lalinde
She calls herself Red Shoes and she has this View From A Chateau Window. Good vantage point!

The largest collective news site on the internet.

Oui, it's very Frenchie here. ..Les Musees font leur Buzz.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the link love!

Anonymous said...

Ditto on Goodness Graciousness. One of my favourites.

Asghar Javed said...

Nice way to sat this. So where is my link?

Anonymous said...

Aha! Another "link lover". :-) I added mine a few days ago on ClappingTrees. Together with Show Top Commentators, it had been quite helpful in increasing the number of comments on my blog.

MK said...

> diogenes: I didn't see your avatar on my blog at the time when I was handing out the links. There's always another time.

Anonymous said...

Hi !

Thanks to put my blog in your link love ! :D

But..the link to my blog is not the good one :(

See you,

The Frenchie !

MK said...

> Buzzeum: A thousand apologies for making that silly error on my part. I have corrected the link to your blog.

Anonymous said...

Whoa, you look like you spend 25 outta 24 hrs a day blogging. Nice Site Marrrrrkkkkkk..... no girlfriend? Never mind, I'm just kidding. Thanks for visiting. nice site

MK said...

> Jimmy: Actually, you're way off the mark. In fact, I'm a 49-hr blogger running on steroid. Way to go!

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