More Affiliate Programs For Bloggers

The blog advertising industry, albeit a new one, seems to pick up pace lately. Now it looks like this new marketing niche is opening up for more enterprising bloggers to grab income opportunities with their blogs.

PayPerPost introduced their "Get Paid To Review My Post" badge, an affiliate referral program, early last month which enables posties to invite new prospects to review their blog post and get paid.

I guess it was hugely popular with the PPP fraternity judging by the appearance of this badge on many blogs, incuding this one. If you see one on a blog, well, you know what the blogger is up to, don't you?

Not to be left behind, ReviewMe are also planning to start their own affiliate referral program this month to lure more people to sign up.

Now it's Blogsvertise's turn to start sounding out their members to go and get their new affiliate banners. They want you to place these banners on your blog so you can refer advertisers to them.

Blogsvertise will pay a generous 20% of the amount an advertiser spends with them to you based on all their purchase amounts.

For example, you'll earn $100 if an advertiser makes a $500 purchase across a number of blogs. You'll earn income each time advertisers place an order.

According to Blogsvertise, you'll earn income even if the advertiser places ad offers with other Blogsvertise bloggers. How this works out wasn't explained fully. Got to check this out further.

Other enhancements to their service include higher payouts that are above the standard $5-$10 range. But this will depend on your pagerank and traffic statistics for your blog.

Here's a boon for the education sector, if you're able to publish a blog on your university site Blogsvertise can offer you payouts in the $25+ range. To qualify, your blog must reside on an educational domain ending in .edu.

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