The Hots On Link Baiting - By Eric Ward

Here's a WebProNews video interview with SEO link building specialist Eric Ward that just came in and the main topic discussed is linkbait.

According to Ward, linkbait is a viable strategy to get links and that "good linkbait is pure," not coming off as "slimy"or "cheesy."

He also discussed the finer points of link building today, what constitutes good link bait and more in this interview.

As we are all aware, a great number of bloggers - from the hotshots to the wannabes - have been working their butts off lately to win Link Love.

"Link Love" is just another way (more refined) of defining the word "Linkbait" which to some so-called "white hat purists" is a dirty word and, therefore, should not be uttered in front of little kids.

But thankfully, there are rational and wiser heads around who don't look at it as a "black hat" operation. And the word itself should not be frowned upon as something that's linked to chicanery.

Ward, who has been there much earlier than the vast majority of us tyros had even heard of hyperlink, is one of those guys who can knock some sense into us with his experience and authority on link building and link baiting.

Whatever your link strategy, Ward reminds us that "in the long run, the end user votes with the mouse."

Well, dig into this video interview with Ward via webcam. Can't keep you waiting.

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