Say "Hello" And Pay As You Go!

It's a good thing that cell phone companies are giving users the option of choosing the right payment plan.

When I started using a cell phone several years back, I used to get monthly bills that really did not justify the amount of minutes that I spent on the phone.

I'm not your regular "yakety yak" type who would be chatting with various friends and others till the cows come home virtually every day, and night.

So it was a blessing when these companies started to promote
prepaid cell phones which is an ingenious plan that suits me fine. It makes sense to me. And this "pay as you go" plans have gone down very well with a horde of cell phone users.

Now I have control over how much I spend each month without worrying about being slammed with overhead charges. By going this route, I now pay only for the minutes when I use the phone.

For those who are not in favour of signing an annual or two-year contract, the prepaid plans are just the ticket for them. And it's a bonus for those who don't have enough good credit to qualify for a wireless contract.

If you're more or less like me who just don't need all the minutes offered by a standard cell phone plan, the prepaid plan is the way to go, mate.

By the way, when it comes time for airtime refills, you can pay as low as $10. Some prepaid plans also come with rollover.

Just to recap, look at what you don't have to commit yourself to if you're using a prepaid plan:

  • No contract
  • No credit check
  • No expensive surprises

How sweet can it be! Go figure.

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