Email Subscription: What's The Problem?

Spam is the last thing on my mind even though I do get spam emails regularly. I can deal with this problem. I won't lose sleep over it. I just get on with the job.

I've been thinking but not like some of the thinking done by some bloggers.

I think more than 80% of blogs do have an email subscription somewhere on the top right or left corner. Or somewhere thereabout.

I'm not sure how many bloggers ever thought about this. Why not find a blog with good content and information (not necessarily one that belongs to a celebrated blog), submit your email address and get informed of the lastest posting via email. It doesn't cost a cent. At least, you're doing a favour for that blog.

You'll be surprised that many of these
"blue collar blogs" have fantastic content. They write well, too.

I've done that with some blogs that I appreciate very much because of their content. I've realized that once you subscribed to these blogs, it's so easy to be informed of new postings by just checking your emails. Even you can see the pictures or graphics if you activate your HTML.

If you like a particular new post, you can archive it (e.g. in your Google email archive) but if that post is not so interesting, just delete it. What's the problem? You can even unsubscribe anytime if you want to have no more of it.

This way, I get the "news" fast without having to surf all over the place to visit blogs that I want to read. And find that some of them don't load fast enough. Only when I want to take a closer look do I make a trip to that particular blog.

I know, I know. Somebody is gonna say "use RSS feed". That's my alternative, but selected email subscriptions are still my preference 'cos I find RSS feed can be slow to load up (correct me if I'm wrong).

Believe you me, reading up your email subscriptions is a time-saver and quite convenient.

P. S. It's tagging time again today for nine visitors to this blog. Spread the goodwill. Here they are:

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Robyn McMaster, PhD said...

Hi Mark, I didn't comment with the idea you would give back a link. How thoughtful!

I simply wanted to encourage you for some good ideas...

Keep up your great work.

Here's another idea for you to prevent your email box getting too full. Use the Feedburner site to download feeds from blogs you like to a feed aggregator. I currently use Newsgator. Then these are all organized online and you can access when you like. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Markk!

That's very nice of you to link me up. Thanks!

I don't use email subscription as I prefer RSS instead. I already have tons of email everyday and having email subscription will just add to the load :P

MK said...

> Robyn & PabloPabla: Yes, I do use RSS for a lot of feeds. Somehow, there are some personal favourites that I would prefer reading them via email.

Unknown said...

Mark - Wow, thanks for sharing the love with this link. More importantly, thank you for sharing a great tip on subscribing to blogs that you like. I've been inspired to move my Feedburner widget up above the fold on the Electronic Village.

peace, Villager

Tisha! said...

does seem convenient however I don't imagine anyone wanting to subscribe to my blog. some actually already use bloglines, google alerts and the sort . I'll check it out nevertheless, thanks Markk!

MK said...

> Villager: You're welcome and peace to you, too.

> Tisha: It's up to each individual. I may like country music but you may prefer Alice In Chain! Anyways, I had subscribed to your email. I'll double check. Sometimes I can't even remember which username I'm using! Don't laugh!

Anonymous said...

Aww...how cool are you?!? Thanks for the mention!!!

I watch a bunch of blogs through my Google personalized search page. I get mountains of email and my favorite bloggers would just get lost in the shuffle with my well-intentioned news Alerts.

MK said...

> Amycham: We've to accept the task we need to do when opening the email floodgate. Well, we've to knuckle down and separate the wheat from the chaff. People may be wondering why I'm so "hardworking" on this aspect. It's the info I want from the email without spending too much time roaming the blogsphere for it. I've unsubscribed a lot of stale emails. If you can devote yourself to daily housekeeping, your email list won't be cluttered.

Danielle said...

The Village is the only spot I know and well worth the visit.

Have a good one Markk

Holly Schwendiman said...

You truly get what you give and I love how cultivating recipricating links and comments works. I also have and enjoy the e-mail subscription option. ;)

Holly's Corner

Dale Ng said...

I also have the email subscriptions but I'm thinking of switching to RSS feeds. Will make my inbox easier to manage.

Lazada Malaysia