SponsoredReviews Open The Doors

The buzz is on. SponsoredReviews finally launched - officially on Monday, March 12.

With the backing of 360 Enterprises, Inc., which has a large base of advertisers, the team at SponsoredReviews are banking on a flood of ads to come their way.

At first glance, SponsoredReviews appear ready to give the competition a run for their money. They first announced their intention in mid-January and had called on bloggers to register early.

I'm sure many who had done that had been notified by email to sign up immediately.

Here are their carrots for advertisers:

  • They'll be the first paid-blogging system to allow advertisers and bloggers to be both passive and proactive.

  • Advertisers can post opportunities to attract bids from bloggers

  • They can search through bloggers' profiles and purchase reviews directly.

  • They are charging lower fees - at a flat 35% (with no per-transaction fee) - than their two largest competitors. According to SponsoredReviews, this is the lowest on the market.

    And for bloggers:

  • You'll get paid on a bi-weekly basis. You don't have to wait 30 days. That's pronto!

  • Manual pricing for bloggers. That means you set your own price and their system will make recommendations based on their automated ratings system.

  • Their bidding system allows publishers and advertisers to negotiate pricing.

  • Oh yes, bloggers are required to provide full disclosure.

  • To insure that only quality blogs are allowed into their system, SponsoredReviews have set minimum standards for blogs.

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