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Russian Artist Makes American Debut

Art knows no boundaries. If art is confining, then all is lost.

The tools of an artist can be many things. The results can be diverse.

That brings us to Russian Artist Victor Lysakov who is celebrated for his vibrant palette and unique composition. He's now in the states to introduce his works to the American public.

Lysakov is renowned in art circles in Russia and Europe. He became a founding partner of the first truly independent artists' union, "Arbatr" in 1987. In 2001, he created history when a graduate student dedicated her entire master's thesis to a living artist.

Curiosity, mystery and even fear. That might be your first reaction when you view the modern expressionistic work of Lysakov who was named one of "The Best European Artists" in 1991.

Lysakov's modern art is not entirely subjective. His paintings challenge the viewer to conquer her fear. If one should look closely upon his paintings, one would discover a captivating story accompanies each image, providing a riveting insight on the artist's muse. His contemporary motifs include creatures and nature.

According to Lysakov, he finds that the "most natural and the most fitting way to carry on a conversation with the world" is through the "visual language."

The Russian artist started his artistic journey with watercolor. He was never trained classically, but studied Rembrandt's and Bryullov's techniques on his own. Now he paints almost exclusively with oil or acrylic on canvas.

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