Chill Out: Get A Dose Of Slaid Cleaves

Chill Out One More Time: It's been sometime since I did a brief review of singer and songwriter Slaid Cleaves who hailed from Maine and now lives in Austin, Texas. I've always enjoyed his songs which are life stories sung in his own unique style that sounds like a natural blend of folk, country and rock.

Our Texas troubador's early hit album "Broke Down" which was released in 2000, and his 1997 debut album "No Angel Knows" are two of my favourites.

The above video footage is of Slaid Cleaves singing "Cold And Lonely" from his album "Broke Down." This recording was a special project for Slaid, a collection of songs by admired friends and colleagues including Karen Poston, Michael O'Connor and Adam Carroll.

And here's a video clip by swammy05 (aka Steve) presenting a Slaid Cleaves cover of "Broke Down." I mistook him for Cleaves in the original posting and I'd like to thank monette for kindly pointing out this little mis-step of mine. But Steve's unplugged performance is quite cool, so I'm retaining it here for us to enjoy as well.

If you want to know more about Slaid Cleaves, you can visit his website.

So grab a piece of the action, hear him out and let me know what you think of Cleaves. Hey guys, we need to cool it a bit!


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Markk! I've never heard of Slaid Cleaves until now. That was a treat. I'll go looking for more.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're reviewing and promoting Slaid - he's definitely one of my favorite singers. BUT that video you have posted is NOT of Slaid singing, it's someone doing a cover of one of his songs. The only video (that I've found) of Slaid playing is here:


MK said...

> Monette: Thanks for pointing this out. I've gone back to the post and make the necessary change.

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