Condolences To Families Who Lost Loved Ones

In view of the horrible and tragic shooting incident at Virginia Tech campus, I'm calling off my participation in the Technorati Traffic Exchange project.

To me, it's not the time to be doing this. The tragic losses and sufferings imposed on the victims' families are hard to bear. If we are not there with them, as least we are with them in our prayers and thoughts.

I hope those I've connected in this project will understand and appreciate my action. Always remember there'll be another time. Yes, there's a time and place for each one of us.

For those whom I've faved to Technorati Favorites, the links will remain there as long as this blog is running. Please be informed that I'll delete the previous post after posting this one. May the good karma be with us all.

Latest: A united message of love - Remember this date April 30, 2007:

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One Day Blog Silence


Anonymous said...

I want to say my condolescence too.

Peace for the victim.

Jennifer Jones said...

Hi Mark...

It is a tragedy we can not comprehend. Living here in VA, hardly a life has not been touched by this horror.

I seem to only be able to take in a little at a time because it is too much to bear.

Blessings and prayers and love to all those who are suffering...

Thanks for this post Mark,


Carol said...

I completely agree with you. There is a time and a place. If you go to my Site:

there is a link to a Site where someone has proposed a day of silence.
Markk for you compassion

Christy said...

This is a very sad tragedy indeed. Very nice post Mark.

MK said...

Thanks to all you kind people for the comments.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mark. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Really sad to hear about the tragedy.

Anonymous said...

The tragedy will leave scars in all hearts, indeed. I join fellow bloggers in offering April 30 as a day of blog silence.

I found that this has also helped me distill my thoughts on why I blog. I thought you might want to make the same introspection some time. I tagged you for it but just do it when you feel it's appropriate.

Flowergirl said...

want to say condolescence too..and prayers

Anonymous said...

I don't think most of us can even imagine what the families of the victims must be going through right now. My heart goes out to them.

Children and adults should be able to go to school and feel safe. Years ago we never would have even imagined a tragedy such as this one.

Suzanne Lieurance
The National Writing for Children Center

MK said...

> Sindhu & Suzanne:
Thank you so much for the kind comments.

Lazada Malaysia