How To Shoot Yourself In The Foot!

It's good to know that there's a growing list of personal blogs that have shown wisdom and great insights in the ways of blogging. These are blogs that understand the ethical aspects of good blogging.

Short of touching on the "code of conduct" that's being debated elsewhere, blogging conduct in a social networking community like MyBlogLog has been highlighted recently.

For example, there's this good news that animated avatars are going to be history soon in MBL.

Now John at Finding The Money blog has come up with a brilliant list of things that a blogger can do if he or she has great intention to shoot himself or herself in the foot!

Kudos to John's post for highlighting "How To Annoy The Blogosphere."


Muselab said...

Yo Markk,

Code of conduct. :/ That debate is silly. :) Bloggers are never going to follow a code, but they will clean up their act if they see that certain behaviors aren't in their best interests.
Thanks for the link, good sir,

Anonymous said...

thanks for leading to John's site--hilarious, but true!

code of conduct in the blogosphere? i don't know if it will ever get through...the blogosphere is so magnanimously huge, diverse and all.

Anonymous said...

Hi Markk, found your blog when i saw your pics on my mybloglog page. And i'm glad i'm here! love the way you write!

MK said...

> Sexy Mom & Jenny: Welcome. First time I'm seeing you here. Thanks for the comments, ladies!

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