Newsline: Aussie-Based Zookoda Joins PayPerPost

Well, this is the news that many bloggers, especially PayPerPost posties, are keen to hear...the acquisition of Australia-based Zookoda on Tuesday.

Zookoda who? If you're still hopping around with kangaroos in the Australian Outback, then it's time you get to know that Zookoda is a technology company that pioneers blog broadcasting services.

Unlike FeedBurner and FeedBlitz, Zookoda don't just provide FREE "rss-to-email" delivery services but also offers bloggers a total solution to email marketing.

Launched on March 13 last year, Zookoda has reported "great success" with more than 10,000 users around the world adopting its technology as their blog marketing tool of choice.

According to Alexa, the Zookoda site is ranked in the top one per cent of URLs across the Internet with a rolling three month average ranking of around 21,000.

PayPerPost CEO Ted Murphy says in a PPP blog post:

BlockquoteZookoda has developed a powerful suite of services to help bloggers increase their online visibility. The huge success Zookoda has had in its short history proves its value to the blogosphere. We're confident Zookoda's capabilities will be of great help to our family of PayPerPost bloggers."

Zookoda may be targetted at the blogging fraternity, but content providers can also reap benefits from it with rss and atom feeds.

If you're thinking of pushing content and drawing visitors to your site, Zookoda seems to have what it takes to do the job. Its technology fits into the plethora of wish-lists that many bloggers want such as...

  • ability to creat eye-catching templates
  • real-time, open, bounce, click and unsubscribe reporting
  • mobile email capability
  • automatic subscription forms, incorporating validation and verification functions
  • allow readers to easily opt-in to a blogger's email newsletter

According to PPP, present Zookoda users will see no disruption in their service. The acquisition is complete and the platform has been transferred to PPP infrastructure.

With this acquisition, what's the next big thing coming from PPP?

For starter, it's obvious that PPP are taking their products and services review operation to the next level. Posties who are eagerly rubbing their hands to see better-paying assignments will just have to wait a while and see what explodes next.

Meantime, play that didgeridoo!

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