Sound Out: Is Your Band Getting The Buzz?

If you're just coming out of the woodwork to make your musical presence felt, you'll find it's a goddamn tough battle to get into the spotlight.

You need more than luck to make the breakthrough. You need a platform where you'll get the right exposure to move on.

Here's the buzz for any new Indie band or solo artist that's looking for an opportunity to be discovered. Unsigned.com, a website that was launched recently, is the new voice for independent artists.

They are looking for new talents -
Ska Bands, rock, hip hop, grunge, metal , jazz, country and more. What's your musical genre?

This Beta release of Unsigned.com will provide new Indie artists unparalleled choices to showcase their music. Unsigned bands and artists can post bios and music samples to get online exposure.

There's an ever-growing base of fans and listeners who are hungry for the next big sound. Do you think your band has got what it takes to knock them dead?

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