How To Succeed Online? Have The Right Focus

What's the biggest contributing factor to success online? Any guesses?
A huge advertising budget? Nah, you don't need it

How about mastery of SEO? Don't waste your time.

Would it help if I have a brother-in-law at Google? I doubt it.

Do I need to butter up some biggie blogs so that success will rub off of me? You can try but you'll soon be disappointed.
Be your own self.

You only need one thing to have success on the Internet. The key word is FOCUS.

Studies have shown that to make it online, you need to have focus. Have a clear-cut direction in what you're going to do...and do it.

There are zillions of sites but many of them lack a single iota of focusing that will make them successful.

The problem with many beginners is that they want to please everyone. And that's a sure way to take a fall eventually.

BlockquoteSuccess is the key that unlocks many doors. And which key unlocks the door to success?"
It's a fact that one of the biggest sellers on the Internet is information.

Yes, information is your key to unlock the door to succeed as a well-informed blogger or as an online entrepreneur. If you don't have it, you're as good as dead in the water.

What if your mind can open up and see the many opportunities right infront of you? Information at your fingertips!

Look at it this way: Information = Knowledge = Power...to know what to do and how to do it.

Taking the homebiz route: We all know that homebiz opportunities are now within the grasp of most people.

According to surveys, millions of people around the world have left the corporate world to take the plunge into their own home-based business.
And I'm sure this is the dream of many who are blogging now.

And yet there are still millions who are left behind by the Internet explosion, especially in Third World countries and even in some developed nations.

Surveys have revealed that they are "still in the dark" where the World Wide Web is concerned.

We can safely say there's a great divide concerning the Internet. There are the haves and the have-nots.
Although Netusers have increased by the millions, there are many more who still believe it's "too complicated and costly" to go online. To them, having a digital identity is just a fad.

If we're talking about the New Economy, how are these people going to cope? What can be done for them? And why the have-nots can't get going? Do we care for some answers?

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Anonymous said...

I think that having a good focus is imperative in anything if you hope to truly succeed - though with blogging people seem to think they can succeed without much effort.

MK said...

> Mark Robinson: Definitely so, mate. You gotta have focus to keep on the right track. Thanks for giving your say.

Anonymous said...

There are different reasons people are excluded. For some, it's lack of material access, like those in nations with little money or infrastructure. Base of the pyramid initiatives to find doable substitutes for these resources, or for the internet itself, are making slow but significant inroads here.

For others, it's lack of knowledge and access to people who have the knowledge. In this instance, those who have the information often unknowingly make the situation worse by forgetting how wide the gulf is between one who writes daily on a blog or knows how a title tag affects search results, and the typical person who doesn't actually know there is a difference between a "blog" and a "website." We talk about SEO, RSS, and "Google juice," making the informational have-nots more acutely aware of what they don't know, and afraid to venture into this world.

I don't see a fast solution to either case, but perhaps with more incremental efforts--crank-charged laptops with cellular internet cards, bloggers and consultants willing to take others by the hand and make *all this* less intimidating--the material and information have-nots will gradually come on board and reap some benefit from this explosion.

MK said...

> Amy Cham: Don't believe there's an immediate panacea for this "great divide" issue. But, like you put forth, incremental efforts could help to a certain extent. In the real world, there'll always be "stragglers."

Tisha! said...

This is an absolutely incredible post and truly worth reading!

It's interesting that even when you have a personal blog a certain kind of focus is necessary.

I mean my blog is certainly a smorgasbord but my focus is on being myself through my humor whether they like it or not because ultimately I do it for me, to have fun and readers prefer that.

MK said...

> Tisha: Well said. Most time, you can tell by the number of comments coming in. It's an indication that you must have hit the right chord with your blogging. Jolly good smorgasbord isn't that bad, eh?

Dale Ng said...

Deep focus on being yourself is very important, I would say. And enjoy what you're doing.

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